Married Nollywood Actress Caugh Inside Hotel Room With A Man In Lagos(SEE)

Married Nollywood Actress Caugh Inside Hotel Room With A Man In LagosThis is so unfortunate that most celebrity we look up to as role models are not really showing good examples. Many of these actresses don't seem to understand that people look up to them, meaning they should set good example for does that really love and care about them. Few months after a nollywood actor's wife was caught in a raunchy BBM exchange scandal with a man believed to be a South-South governor, named with held, another married actress has been caught red handed in a more shameful act than that in Lagos.
Her close friend who wanted to punish her, spotted her with a businessman inside the bar of a hotel and became a bit suspicious as the man was not her husband. The lady paid one of the guys in the hotel to plant a camera in the room they booked. SOURCE says the so called girl who is from Kogi State, has been blackmailing the actress and collecting money from the actress and her secret lover. The lady has a complete video of them in the illicit affair. This is not a movie, what a shame?

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