It is satanic to suggest I will divorce my husband!’ – Omoni Ogoli

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When relationship experts, Dr. Charles and Dr. Elizabeth Schmitz, stated that “The most successful marriages are those in which spouses are also best friends,” they were indirectly referring to  Nnamdi Oboli and his actress wife, Omoni. The couple see themselves as best friends. They trust each other with their lives. This explains why  the man always by his wife’s side even when  she’s on movie location. After 13 years of marriage which is blessed with three boys, the couple are still like an item. They share the story behind their success and the secret of their marriage.

What I saw in her

I don’t know. I couldn’t compare. I just know that what I saw in her was more than enough to make me want to consider marriage and make her my wife. She was just perfect for me.

Ready for marriage at the time we met.

In some ways, yes, but meeting her heightened my readiness to get married.

How I met her

We met for just a few minutes in Lagos while she was pursuing her acting career. We met some years later and started dating.


*Nnamdi & Omoni Oboli

What endeared me to her

Her beauty and warmth. She is so exciting to be with.

What marriage means to me

What God ordained it to be; the union between man and woman, and fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives.

Married friend



I trust her and cherish her a lot.

Regret marrying a celebrity

I didn’t marry a celebrity. I married Omoni, who now happens to be a celebrity. There’s nothing to regret. She’s the same person I married over the years.

What binds us

We’ve always been close. I don’t know if it’s what binds us because there’s more to us than what people see. We just enjoy every passing moment, as much as we can, knowing that we could never have it back once it is lost.

10th marriage anniversary

We didn’t travel to Israel for our 10th year anniversary, rather we travelled to Dubai. There can only be one honeymoon. The rest is enjoying every single moment and making it count.

After 11 years of marriage

The number one lesson is that I wish I had met her earlier and been married sooner. Other lessons have been compiled into my book which is in the process of being published. So, look out for it. Other lessons are being learnt as we grow along.

*Omoni Ogoli and her family

What I don’t like about her

As soon as I know it, I’ll get back to you .

In my marriage, there’s no plan B; no thoughts about divorce— Omoni

Combining marriage with my acting career

I don’t mind travelling. I love it. Nevertheless, I miss my husband and my boys whenever I travel. I’m grateful to God that my husband takes care of things when I’m not around. I cope quite well.

What has kept my marriage going

13 years now. Marriage is not about your status, so I didn’t go into it with the view to changing who I am just because of my new status as celebrity. Again, I thank God because it’s not what I did, but the fact that God gave me a husband that I love and understand and one who loves and understands me. Many others who would have loved to stay married (celebrity or not) don’t always have a choice in their affairs.

Feeling the same love for him

I think I love him even more now than when we first started. We have changed in so many ways and levels in our relationship that has sealed our union, and I’m so enjoying our thing right now.

Having a non-celebrity husband

Marriage to anybody is to understand the responsibility that comes with it. In my marriage, there’s no plan B; no thoughts about divorce. The fact that he isn’t a celebrity is not what makes him a great husband, it’s just who he is.

Temptations in marriage

The greatest temptation is to just sleep. Sometimes the work gets to the point that you crave sleep but can’t seem to squeeze out the time for it.

Second honeymoon

We have had many honeymoon. We find time to make our little mummy and daddy timeouts count as honeymoon. Our 10th anniversary was in Dubai, and we had a great time.

What I can do without my  husband

I can act and cook. What do you mean, “what can I not do without my husband?”  His presence makes those things that I normally do count for something more because he is there with me, and his appreciation of what I do gives me the greatest joy. What can I not do without him? I don’t know if I would have been as close to God as I am today if it weren’t for him. He is my teacher, my guide and the iron that sharpens my iron in the word of God.

Running joint bank account

That’s totally up to every couple. No two relationships are alike. If they have a joint account but make each other miserable, how does that help the relationship? If they don’t maintain a joint account, but enjoy their marriage, who can fault them? So, I say, to each his own, whatever works for you.

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