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Africa- Toxic ideology dump

As part of the fall-out from the financial crisis, business schools are now seen as training grounds for what FDR once called malefactors of great wealth–the more prestigious the business school, the worse the malefaction obviously. Columbia University’s Business School Dean, R. Glenn Hubbard, served as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under George […]


Walmart offers dumped workers a tissue

It’s been a rough few weeks for Sam’s Club workers. First came the announcement that ten Sam’s Club stores in the United States would close and the 1,500 employees who worked there could lose their jobs. Then, yesterday, Walmart announced they would be laying off 11,200 workers. Most of those being laid off demonstrate products […]


Walmart changes game plan for Canada

Walmart is having second thoughts about its master plan for Canada, at least that’s what some of the analysts are saying. According to a recent industry report, the world’s largest retailer is throwing the breaks on its uber-aggressive vision for the Great White North, which involves throwing up a new Superstore behemoth every other month.