Nigerian Business Awards to Honour Corporate Excellence

Leading players from across the corporate sector in Nigeria will compete for the nation’s most prestigious corporate awards and trade honours at the first annual Nigerian Business Awards (NiBA), scheduled for July 19, in Lagos. The prestigious ceremony, which is organised by the Africa Media Corporation, publisher of African CEO, African Enterprise, African Ovation and African Petroleum magazines, in collaboration with the African CEO Council and the African Business Council.

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Africa Media Corporation, which is based in the United States, Mr. Peter SaSellu, said: “The companies are leading the way with billion dollar investments to improve socio-economic growth and human development across the country.

In addition, the country is currently producing some of the most impressive enterprises on the continent, with success stories, including Dangote Group, UBA Group, Arik Airline, Sifax Group.” SaSellu said: “The Nigerian Business Awards will make a welcome to this year’s honourees who have demonstrated sound corporate governance, business excellence and have contributed to human development across the country. “However, we are delighted to recognise those national, regional and international companies that stand out from this exalted crowd.

The nominees will include a combination of national, regional and international players that have gone above and beyond in terms of their recent industry contribution. “Award ceremonies are important in defining the benchmark for excellence and separating the outstanding achiever from the rest of the group.” “They also provide recognition to the best performers in the field, while inspiring others to emulate their success.” This is exactly what we’re hoping to achieve with the Nigerian Business Awards.

” Speaking also, Senior Vice-President of the AMC, and Coordinator of this year’s awards banquet, Rebecca Saffa, said: “It’s our intention to make the NiBA, a leading corporate event for the Nigerian business community, where all captains of industry can gather to recognise and celebrate the success stories and achievements of their colleagues. “Given the market challenges that companies are facing at both the national and regional level at the moment, this is a perfect opportunity to remember those companies and individuals that continue to achieve excellence on a daily basis.

” The event has mobilised a hand full of local and international media partners, including the African CEOs, African Ovation, African Enterprise, African Petroleum and Nigerian business magazines. A select number of additional figureheads will be announced shortly.

The Nigerian Business Awards 2013 is self-sponsored, and will include 15 categories in total, covering the company of the year, airline, maritime, banking, energy, hospitality and public sectors, along with a variety of supporting niches. Also, individuals who have demonstrated strong leadership and excellence in both the public and private sectors will be honoured, including lifetime achievement, business leader, business woman, and rising star of the year.

Nominations are opened year round, and free of charge. However, nominations would be assessed by a prestigious panel of experts, selected from within and outside corporate Nigeria.

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