NIGERIA: DDC Removes Defective Bus Shelters in Abuja

 The Department of Development Control (DDC), Abuja Municipal Management Council (AMMC) has embarked on the removal of defective Globacom and Airtel bus-shelters in different parts of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), saying its deplorable state constitute danger to commuters.

The Chief Town Planning officer, DDC, Mr. Sulaiman Muhammed Sulaiman, who supervised the exercise, said the bus shelters are obsolete. He insisted that the defective bus shelters, which were 10 in all, must not be allowed to remain as they could collapse and kill people.

He said they have written several times to the Transport Secretariat of FCT Administration (FCTA) concerning the ugly state of the bus-shelters without response. He stressed that they have no choice than to go ahead with the removal as they cannot be allowed to remain in that deplorable state.

“These bus-shelters are obsolete and it is an eyesore that it is dangerous to the commuters and it can cause environmental hazard, so we need to come and remove it”, he said.

“Normally we work hand-in-hand with the Transport Secretariat and we have written to them several times, they are in charge of it and they have not honoured our invitation and we cannot allow it like this”, he noted.

Sulaiman, however, stated that DDC are in charge of urban beatification and improvement, adding that they are not out to remove all the bus-shelters but those that are on the verge of collapse.

He explained that the telecommunications company applied to transport secretariat where they were given approval to mount the bus-shelter stand, saying that most of them were mounted where buses were not stopping, as they were mounted at the wrong places.

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