Simba Group Celebrates 25 Years of Business in Nigeria

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The Simba Group, one of the country’s business groups, has celebrated its 25 years of doing business in Nigeria. Over that time, the group has contributed significantly to the economy and garnered a host of awards and commendations for its various contributions to society. The event was held at Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos.

Beginning operations in 1988, the group has grown into a diversified conglomerate of seven companies engaged in various industries ranging from agriculture, communications, software, ICT infrastructure, transport, power and renewable energy.

Speaking at the recent event, the Group Managing Director of the company, Mr. Vinay Grover, paid tribute to those he referred to as members of the Simba Family, citing the companies’ employees – past and present – their business partners, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. While appreciating the country’s business , he thanked the customers for accepting the Group’s wide range of products and services, and continuously challenging them to innovate and push the boundaries of product development.

During the event, other members of the ‘Simba Family’ spoke about the group’s contribution to society and in particular to the training they have provided to hundreds and thousands of individuals who support, service and maintain the group’s products.

Grover added: “As an organisation grows, it needs to look inwards as well as outwards; it needs to periodically step-back and reassess its strengths and weaknesses. While we endeavour to adapt our vision, so that it is relevant for the next twenty-five years, a few things will remain the same. We will continue to keep sustainable development at the core of our operating philosophy; we will continue to ensure our products and services contribute to the development of this economy; and we will continue to ensure our interactions with all stakeholders conform to our principles of integrity and fairness.”

Head of service operations, Mr. K.J.Anil, said: “A key part of our value proposition to our clients is our customer service, and this means that we need to be able to deliver service even in the remotest of locations. We are committed to developing the adoption of new technologies such as alternate energy solutions in Nigeria, and this means doing our part to educate users and contributing towards manpower development.”

The group’s training initiatives have not been limited to in-house activities. Their three-wheeler division, which markets and sells TVS King three-wheelers, has trained thousands of mechanics on-site in first-, second- and third-tier cities across the nation. They were recently commended by the government through the National Automotive Council, for their joint efforts in providing advance training to three-wheeler mechanics.

The training programme, which was conducted in the six geo-political zones of the country, was organized to improve the skills of mechanics and to update them on the latest knowledge in the automotive industry, especially on the maintenance and repair of the three-wheeler vehicles. Further to this, the group has also facilitated the training of technical resources – both internal and external to the group – in India and Kenya.

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