NIGERIA: Lagos Explains Closure of Ladipo Market.

Gov fasholaTHE Lagos State Government Monday explained the closure of Ladipo Spare Parts Market at Matori, stating that the closure came after it had held several meetings with the market leadership and traders, as well as issued warnings against abuse of the environment.

A statement by Fola Adeyemi of the state’s Ministry of Environment after the closure of the market Monday, stated that the Commissioner for Environment ordered its closure on Sunday after several meetings with the market leadership and traders and warnings over the deteriorating state of the market.

According to the statement, “the environment is seriously polluted and degraded with oil; surrounding canals are dumped with full and half engine spare parts and human waste, while illegal structures were built along drainage path and all the canal setbacks have been turned to shops and trading points.

“A visit to the place also shows that street traders have taken over the entire major inlet and outlet to the market, while residents have severally petitioned the Ministry of Environment about the lack of access to their homes and property.”

Accusing the traders of degrading all the major access roads to the market, which now need remediation and rehabilitation, the ministry said the market could only be reopened on “complete removal of all illegal and attached structures built along canal paths,” while “traders must be confined to the main markets and under no condition trade or solicit for customers on the main road.”

It added: “They must remove all shop attachments built round the market/canals and all derelict and abandoned vehicles packed within the market, as far as the expressway, remediate all forms of degradation on the roads and market area, sort out waste management issues with LAWMA, as they cannot continue to dump into the canals, and ensure total cleaning of the entire market and adjoining streets, which they have degraded, among others.”

The statement held that officials of the ministry had visited the place repeatedly as well as warned the traders, but without any noticeable improvement in hygiene at the market, and as such, the state government was left with no option than to seal the place.

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