Obasanjo Is Right Endorsing Muhammadu Buhari. By Ngozi Okonjo Iweala,

NgoziEconomy Minister – Why am taking a swift from supporting General Buhari . Just few hours ago, Obasanjo endorsed General Buhari as the man to deliver this nation. I was personally shocked, when I heard the news. This is because, I was expecting Baba to stay at the touch line, and leave Nigerians to study his body language.

But the masquerade could not control his dance in the public market. Hence he mistakenly flogged his own mother who is also a trader in the market. Nigerians, I am left with no option than to tell us that, these ex-generals and their boys are up to something.
The issue at hand is not all about the presidential seat. But rather, the national cake (oil blocks). Less I forget, is it not the same Obasanjo who woke up and hand picked his puppet 2011, who eventually grew like Joseph the messiah of Egypt?

**Is it not the same Obj that told us 2011, that General Buhari is too old to rule this country?
**Is it not the same Obj that told us Buhari is a dictator? Somebody should have a rethink like me.
We must understand the preacher’s language before decoding his message. If Obj can take a swift and prefer General Buhari to Jonathan, a puppet he dedicated his energy and resources to win 2011 election, then as an average Nigerian, we should have a rethink and ask our leaders what is so special in Aso Rock.
If leadership is to serve the people, why is it that,the ex-generals finally gang up against their new recruit on account of change? If we’re to outline the sins of Mr.President, are the ex- generals not guilty of such sins? One may ask why is SPEAKER taking a swift? Everybody wants change. But I am astonished the way and manner these ex- general joined the train of change. Is it that, this is the first time they heard the word change? If NO, why did they not change this country when they were given opportunity?

**Why advocating for change now when the puppet body language shows he Will not renew their oil blocks licence?
**Why advocating for change now, when the puppet purchased equipment to monitor and reduce vandalism?
*Why advocating for change now, when the strong headed puppet wiped out their ghost names from the civil service payroll?
**Why advocating for change now, when the puppet sacked your boys as corrupt ministers?

**Why advocating for change now, when the puppet refused to dump Sambo for another puppet?
**Why advocating for change when he refused to kill Nigerians indiscriminately.

But rather he is exploiting all means of dialogue. Unlike your Odi brutal killings and destruction. Why advocating for change now, when the puppet refused to twist governors hands with EFCC to pave his way like you did?
Why advocating for change now, when at 72 years, you still tell your children of 50years they are the leaders of tomorrow?
Why advocating for change now, when the puppet refused to give you the fertilizer deal?
Why advocating for change now, when the puppet refused to jail your enemies?
Why advocating for change now, when the puppet refused to rig election for your daughter?
Why advocating for change now, when in your time railways were not working?
Why advocating for change, when in your time, our judiciary could not delivered a fair judgement in favour of oppositions?
Baba, Nigerians are fed up of you sitting in Otta, deciding their future. We want to decide our destiny with the help of God. We want to practice true democracy by using our votes to decide our future. Let the good works or antecedents of our leaders speak volume for them. Just after the presidential chat with Mr.President, we discovered that, you, your colleagues and errant boys, are spreading false informations to pave your way to aso rock.
Lastly, I challenge you Baba, ‪#‎Tinubu‬ , ‪#‎Atiku‬ and others to tell Nigerians that you don’t have oil blocks or you Generals are not fighting the last battle to protect your oil blocks.
They won’t come out and speak my brothers and sisters. They want us to believe they are fighting for us. When they have their own local refineries at their backyards. R..I.P Fela: Animals wan dash me my human right. – Hope For Nigeria.
We BELIEVE IN GOODLUCK JONATHAN and supports his re-election Bid.

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