Maritime Expert Wants Annual Surveys on Maritime Activities

 Executive Director, Intrass Limited, Mr. Femi Awogbade has called on stakeholders in the maritime industry to publish an annual survey report on maritime activities across the country.

Giving an insight to his call, Awogbade who holds sway in the shipping and logistics firm told journalists in Lagos that the survey would provide information on the activities and performance of all the sub-sectors in the maritime industry.

According to him, the information from the report was necessary to step up compliance in the maritime and international trade activities, and also serve as a guide to potential investors.

Statistics is a means by which you gather data to measure your performance.

When you know that there is someone who is watching your performance, be it performance of the shipping companies, freight forwarders, Nigerian Customs, and the regulatory bodies, you want to perform better.

We see how Customs Officers delay jobs in their care due to system breakdowns, which in turn delays cargo clearing; these are things that need to be published.

The survey would also serve as a guide to investors and stem poor compliance in the maritime sector and international trade as a whole.
The survey should be published by government regulatory bodies or delegated to any empowered stakeholder to do," he said.

Awogbade urged organisations to show willingness to provide their annual data to any of the stakeholders who may be empowered to publish the survey.

The Executive Director, African Centre for Supply Chain (ACSC), Mr. Obiora Madu also told journalists that a statistical survey was necessary to enforce compliance in the maritime industry and international trade, as a whole.

He said that trade compliance was a national challenge, saying that poor compliance gave Nigeria a bad name in the international trade scene.
We need to publish a document that will help logistics and compliance in Nigeria, if we must begin to take an upper hand in international trade.

While we have lingering challenges like shipping gridlock at the ports and delays in cargo clearing procedures, we need to publish a survey document to mirror the performances," he added.

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