Mali: Non-interest Banking Can Transform Nigeria’s Economy

Key sectors in the Nigerian economy such as manufacturing, agriculture and tourism have suffered over the years due to lack of access to finance. Head, Personal and Business Banking, West Africa, Standard Bank, Mr Lincoln Mali, spoke to Eromosele Abiodun on how non-interest banking can redress the situation, enhance financial inclusion and support the nation’s economic growth
You recently delivered a lecture on non-interest banking and Islamic finance at the Ado Bayero University, Kano. What was the thrust of your presentation?
The actual presentation was on leadership in business and academia. This was a precursor to the Islamic banking conference that we sponsored, which held in Bayero University in partnership with Standard Bank.
One of the things I talked about was the importance of us as a business to be involved in financial inclusion; to be sure that as many Nigerians as possible are banked. The second was to make sure that we offer the broadest range of 

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