Aiico Pensions Launches Second Phase of Live Smart campaign

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Aiico Pensions Limited, one of the Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) in the country has launched the second phase of its “Live Smart”campaign.
The company started the live smat campaign in 2012 to encourage Nigerians to make adequate preparations for eventualities and the future generally.
The Head of Business Development and Sales in the company, Mr. Tunde Ottun, stated this while address newsmen in Lagos recently saying the campaign was borne out of the need to ensure that the firm gives back to the society where it is  operating.
Speaking on the programme, Ottun said “the first season of the live smart radio programme was a series of inspirational and educative talks on issues that affect the quality of people’s lives. It provided tips on this and encouraged the audience to reflect on those things that helps better living.
“The second season is taking our audience from the point where they are reflecting to the point where they are making achievements.  This season is a series of educative and inspirational talks that will empower our audience to act and enable them accomplish their goals and objectives,” he added.
Ottun also stated that the live radio programme would be aired weekly and topics to be discussed would range from finance, health, fashion and relationships among others things.
He said the radio programme was an integral part of his organisation’s resolve to deliver its value propositions to stakeholders even as it gives the fund manager the opportunity to address a wide range of audience, giving them tips on how to live a better life.
Before now, the PFA said in addition to effectively and efficiently managing customers’ retirement savings, it also helped people aspire.
“This ideology guides our work at Aiico Pensions and largely informs the way we do business,” Ottun said.
He said the PFA has transformed and extended its activities beyond the management of pension funds to providing value for the citizenry and helping stakeholders, particularly individuals to live smart.
“We are a value conservatory. Our concept of value transcends financial gratification. Value to us is a rich and bountiful experience that permeates with invigorating resonance in every corner of one's lives.  Value is in the way we work, the way we play, in the way we plan, and in the way we live our lives.
“At the heart of our brand is the commitment to help people make the smart moves and smart choices that will guarantee that they live more, live full and live smart.  Aiico Pension inspires people to create value in every sphere of their lives,” Ottun said.
“At Aiico Pension, we have thought long and hard about what truly makes for a desirable future and comfortable retirement. Taking on this responsibility, we have developed several platforms to enable us achieve this objective,” he added.
The live smart campaign includes a radio programme and the publication of a biennial “Live Smart” pocket magazine which is being distributed to the public free of charge.
Many other initiatives that would help promote this message even further were also in the works, he added.
Aiico Pensions prides itself as having upgraded its service delivery system and redefined it processes making them more efficient to sustain the campaign.
“We have also invested a great deal in our people, inducting them in the true spirit of our brand. This way, we can successfully achieve both our objectives as a business and our customers’ retirement goals.
“We believe that by inspiring and enabling people to live smartly, we are helping them store up value in all areas of their lives; value which they can access in future. When this happens, we have successfully done good business,” he said.
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