NIGERIA: Forte Oil Plc Repackages Lubricants for Efficiency

As part of its efforts to rebrand its products and services to improve customer satisfaction, Forte Oil Plc has repackaged its lubricants to strengthen its leadership position in the market.
Speaking recently when the company re-launched its Visco 2000 and Super V Engine Oils, the Group Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr. Akin Akinfemiwa, said the company repackaged its lubricants brands in line with its repositioning plan to sustain its growth in the market.
Akinfemiwa said the repackaged lubricants came into the market with innovation, convenience as well as distinctive qualities that would ensure that customers have value for the money whenever the products are purchased.
He said  the company had used an enhanced formulation, adding that it still retains the  British Petroleum formulation, which  according to him, represents excellence, and quality, thereby making it  an above-average lubricant.
“At Forte Oil, we are committed to excellence and quality, and we do our things in a transparent way that makes us stand out as a brand. Our core values are being committed, open, responsive. We are committed to everything that we do as a company. We are open and very transparent in our dealings with all our stakeholders, we value honest and open feedbacks both from our employees and even receiving such from our stakeholders” he said.
Akinfemiwa stated that Forte Oil is always responsive to the needs of its customers and stakeholders.
“You need to look at Forte Oil beyond just engine oil; we are a foremost integrated energy solutions provider. We are not only manufacturers of lubricants, we are also retailers of refined petroleum products; we are involved with power generation, we are involved with upstream services now if you look at our entire business you will see that we are an energy solutions provider. And there is nobody that says that being an energy solutions provider has to be masculine. We must take into account the female gender in everything that we do,”he added.
He explained that the rebranding project commenced three years ago when AP oil decided to create a new appeal as Forte Oil.
Akinfemiwa further stated that the company started with the rebranding of their stations, their people, processes and philosophies, thus the need to also repackage their lubricants products.
“What we found most important and crucial to us lies in our core values and when we looked at those core values beyond the masculinity of the engine oil business which is one aspect of our business”, he added.

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