Zinox’s ZPad Earns IT Global Platinum Award

A global computer, tablet and smart phone maker, Foxconn has awarded Zinox Technologies the Platinum Partner Award for 2014 to celebrate the ingenuity of the Zinox Research and Development team in her New Digital Products – the Zinox Tablet Pcs known as “Zpad”.
According to a Director with Foxconn, Maricar Deocampo, Zinox Technologies is being awarded the distinguished partnership status in order to celebrate the newest smart device from the stable of Nigeria’s foremost and most decorated ICT Company.  
“Though Zpad series is built in partnership with us but your intellectual strength, competence in digital design and capacity to challenge the best global digital products is unbelievable considering the fact that you are based in an emerging third world country with all the difficulties with infrastructures and digital capital. Of special interest to us is your exceptional knowledge on Apps content. We are definitely excited to work with you and it has been very rewarding and we hope your country will appreciate this combined effort to deliver what we consider as one of the best series of Digital Tablet Pcs in the world”, Decampo said.
Foxconn with a total assets worth of over $1.7 trillion and net income of more than $100billion in 2012 employs over 1.2million tech professionals and is the original design manufacturers of best digital products in the world amongst which are –  ipad, iphone, Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Nokia, Blackberry, Acer, Playstation 3, xbox 360, just to mention a few.
Aside Zinox’ partnership with Foxconn which has earned her a cherished award, the recognition confers on the Nigerian brand the reputation as a company to watch and a domestic company of international best practices.
Speaking on the Platinum Award, Corporate Communications Adviser of Zinox Technologies, Uche Nnadozie, disclosed that the Zpads are digital tablets that cure knowledge deficiencies and they are so reliable that it has extended warranty alongside extra Apps compared to any other in the market.
“When the largest and most reliable ICT manufacturer in the world teams up with the largest on the Africa region, then Nigerians, if not Africans, are the better for it. It is a privilege to work with Foxconn. Like President Goodluck Jonathan said last year, ‘a nation without a Digital Identity in the 21st century is a dead nation’,” he said.
He added that “Zpad is going to change the way we educate our children, the way we conduct business,the way we govern our people,and the way we relax. The Zpad is a world class, internationally certified product in aesthetics, style and content”.

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