Weststar Brings Neo to Town

Auto neobus exteriorThe general authorised distributor of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Nigeria, Weststar Associates Limited is set to deliver an innovative and modern bus, which promises to add great value to the Nigerian commercial sector, the firm’s officials have said.
Presenting the Neobus NewRoad N10, they listed the characteristic of the Neobus, as bold, intelligent and novel, saying “it is the first road bus series comprising of uniquely designed vehicles that pair comfort and safety.”
The fluidity of its lines gives the exterior an exceptional and attractive appeal, and in terms of technology, the Neobus New Road N10 is as modern as they come.
They said the N10 is the result of a major project where all the details were brought in order to create a dashing vehicle that really meets the needs of all stakeholders i.e. bus operators, mechanics, drivers, passengers, business men/women, and anyone who sees it. “The N10 was certainly designed for everyone.”
The classy and elegant look of the Neobus is a prelude to the luxury it guarantees, as the external lighting is developed with LED technology. The front optical set has a vertical front view, elliptical headlight, DRL (Daytime Running Lamp) integrated to the set that gives personality to the product. The modular taillights follow the same customisation concept, bringing an original design. The lights of the environment are customised and the seats are large and ergonomic, thus adjusting themselves to the bodies of the passengers. There are also individual TV screens and headphones to each passenger. The equipment also has DVD, CD player and a 3 LCD monitor Am/Fm radio. The two-piece laminated windshield provides better visibility and refinement.
There’s the roof top air conditioning unit, two hatches in the roof with four opening positions and emergency exit. The flooring mimics wood, which further provides the feel of sophistication and refinement. There’s a large area of the luggage compartment which increases the capacity of transport of objects and makes the loading and unloading of baggage easier.
There are 59 (2×2) re-cline able seats with leatherflex covers, footrest and folding armrests.  The toilet, which is optional, has been developed to users’ comfort with plenty of room to ensure easy access. It also has a mechanical ventilation system that always generates negative pressure inside, ensuring that smells do not get into the passengers room. It is cooled and has LED lighting, while the taps have a mechanical timer.
The body of NewRoad N10 comes on a Mercedes-Benz 0-500 RSD 6×2 Chassis. The bus also consists of 6 in-line vertical cylinders, air suspensions, and has an OM-457 LA- PROCONVE P-5 (Euro III) engine with 360 horsepower.
In addition, the N10 has also been developed to meet the stricter safety standards, R66, version 1, which involves under-going structural calculations by finite elements, in addition to tipping tests, front/side impact tests, maximum side-bending tests and survival cell test.
The rear air outlet has been developed to enable great exhaustion of air in the motor. This reduces the heating in the passenger room and prevents the motor from overheating
The driver has a work station with improved ergonomics. The optional onboard computer with touch screen is easy to handle and shows the main performance and mechanical information in real time. The driver also has also has the exclusive fridge option, which is good for long/cross country journeys.
The New Road N10 was built with simplified maintenance in mind. One of the novelties is the tipper tray on the front side for the spare wheel to be placed, making it easier to change tires.
The hydraulics assistance system has been simplified, and even the spare parts have been standardised to, not only ease maintenance, but also reduce costs. The Neobus comes with an overall anticorrosion treatment on body frame and a battery box made from fibre glass to insulate against dust and water.
Impressive to note is that, based on the international Euro V standard, pollution is reduced in the NewRoad N10. In addition, in order to be compliant with the international body resistance rules, light materials were used to build the New Road N10. So with less weight, the bus can comfortably transport more passengers.
“New Road – N10 is all about the new design philosophy of Neobus, bringing the DNA of products to a higher level. The main characteristics are: fluid sculpture, V-angled cut-outs and sharp creases with an up-righting concept. It is completely different from its competitors due to its originality and elegance”, says the Design Manager of Neobus, Leonidas Fleith.
The Neobus NewRoad N10, of which the model New Road 380 versions is available in Nigeria, is definitely a global level vehicle worthy of a company that is always ahead and people who deserve the best.

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