Law Firm, Upperlink Synergise on Trademark Protection

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The firm of Adegboyega Adepegba & Co, a legal practitioner with specialisation in commercial and corporate law, is partnering Upperlink Limited, an information technology firm for the training corporate bodies on how to protect their respective trademarks.
The partners said they would soon hold an awareness seminar to equip the stakeholders, particularly legal practitioners with the essentials of online trademark registration service under the new “Generic Top Level Domains (GTLD)”.
The immediate past Director General of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN), Mr. Adegboyega Adepegba, who is behind the initiative said the first in the series of the seminars would hold in Lagos between January 15 and 18 2014. According to him, interested participants are expected to register online free of charge before January 13, 2014.
Adegboyega Adepegba & Co is a firm of Legal practitioners specialising in corporate and commercial law practices, while Upperlink is an IT firm with extensive experience in designing, developing, hosting, domain registration, online trademark registration and maintenance of web portal solutions amongst its core competencies.
Adepegba noted that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a global Internet overseer, was preparing for the largest-ever expansion of the domain name system.
The group, according to him, received 1,930 applications for new GTLD “.com or .net” part of website addresses saying approval of the first new domain extensions marked the beginning of a new era of opportunity for both brand owners and general interest population.
Domains such as .bank, .app, .web and a plethora of exciting extensions would henceforth be available for registration with this development adding that this trend has created the need for owners and stakeholders around the world to protect their trademarks.
“To address these concerns, ICANN has mandated a ‘Sunrise Phase’ registration period available exclusively to registered trademark holders who will have the first chance to secure domain names matching their mark in all new GTLD extensions before anyone else does.
“In order to participate in the GTLD sunrise phase programme, participants are required to register and validate their trademarks alongside “information based on a valid trademark from any jurisdiction in the world, a copy of the trademark and evidence that the trademark is being actively used,” Adepegba said.
“Once submitted, applications will be reviewed for accuracy, validity and satisfaction of all requirements. Once validated, the application is then used to apply for your matching domain names in new GTLD Sunrise Phases, well before the general public can attempt to register them,” he added.
Validated trademark holders would also be alerted if other parties are registering their marks, representing possible infringing registrations, he also assured.
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