Dufil Food’s Power Oil Gets NSN, NHF Endorsement

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In what can best be described as proof of its wholesome quality, Power Oil,  the cholesterol-free vegetable oil from the stables of Dufil Prima Foods, makers of Indomie Instant Noodles, has been endorsed by the Nigerian Heart Foundation (NHF), Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN) and other regulatory bodies in the country.
Speaking at the media launch of Power Oil in Lagos, Executive Director, NHF, Dr. Kingsley Akinroye, said “due to its cholesterol-free components the product is ideal for the heart and would go a long way towards ensuring cardiovascular health in the country.
“Our plan is to meet the World Health Organisation’s target to reduce the number of cardiovascular deaths by 25 per cent before 2025. Products like Power Oil will help us achieve that goal,” he declared.
Likewise, NSN said it endorsed Power Oil because laboratory tests revealed the product was cholesterol-free as claimed, and its numerous other nutrients would positively impact the health of consumers.
The National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) had also given Power Oil their solid backing at the media launch in Lagos.
Head, MANCAP, SON, Fred Akingbesote, had while speaking at the occasion said the vegetable oil brand had scaled a very demanding tripartite test for standards and could be reckoned with in the market.
Also speaking at the occasion, CEO, Dufil Prima Foods Plc, Mr. Deepak Singhal, said the NSN certification and the patronage that Power Oil enjoys in the market prove it is the ideal vegetable oil brand for the health-conscious.
He assured consumers that the heart-friendly vegetable oil would go a long way to check the consumption of adulterated oil which many Nigerians had been patronising when quality oil was still unaffordable. “Power Oil has changed that and we are proud to say it will continue to do so,” he added.
On her part, Brand Manager, Power Oil, Vani Malik, said the product had undergone various scientific processes to check its conformity with NSN standards, noting that “it is highly gratifying to see our product obtain this endorsement by experts. This achievement makes us stand tall amongst our competitors in the market.”
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