LG Unveils anti-Mosquito Air Conditioner

In its effort to combat malaria scourge in Nigeria, LG Electronics (LG) has launched a residential air conditioner model, the Mosquito Away, into Nigerian market. Specifically designed and built for the local market, the innovative product incorporates an impressive function that uses ultrasonic waves to combat mosquitoes.
Like its predecessor, the successful Anti Mosquito, the Mosquito Away comes with all the advantages of LG’s advanced air conditioning technologies, such as powerful cooling and dependable operation in extreme temperatures.
“LG’s new Mosquito Away Air Conditioner delivers true comfort to Nigerian consumers,” said Mr. Junhwa Jeong, General Manager, Air-conditioning and Energy Solutions, LG Electronics West Africa Operations. “It comes with powerful cooling and extreme durability, this product is more than a match for the country’s challenging weather conditions. Better still, it incorporates ultrasonic wave technology, which effectively repels mosquitoes. We are confident that the Mosquito Away airconditioner will meet the needs of consumers in this important African market.”
The Mosquito Away AC is designed to aid in the fight against mosquitoes, which cause malaria germs. Speaking on the effectiveness of the addition to the LG family, the electronic giant said In Peety Grady Chamber tests, the Mosquito Away proved its effectiveness by knocking down 64 percent of female anopheles mosquitoes within 24 hours, and repelling 82 percent overall. The air conditioner emits ultrasonic waves that disrupt the mosquito’s sensory cells and cause paralysis, confusion and often death.
“Representing a clean and safe alternative to dangerous chemical-based insecticides and repellants, this technology is completely harmless to humans. The University of Ibadan’s College of Medicine, and the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), have certified the effectiveness of the LG’s product, the electronic company disclosed, Also speaking, the Managing Director, Fouani Nigeria Limited, Mr. Mohammed Fouani said: “LG’s Mosquito Away has been purpose-built to stand up to Nigeria’s stifling heat and humidity, delivering a powerful cooling performance and superior durability. We will continue to develop products that ensure the consumer’s comfort, while also protecting their health”.
Conveniently, the Mosquito Away function can be turned on independently of cooling; helping to prevent unnecessary energy usage. When strong cooling is needed, the Jet Cool function and the product’s large, efficient fan deliver an increased volume of airflow. Due to the unstable nature of the Nigerian power grid, LG has implemented the Low Voltage Starter (LVS). This practical feature enables the affordably priced Mosquito Away to operate continuously, even at lower voltage.
The LG Mosquito Away air conditioner is specifically built for the Africa market with Comprehensive Auto Cleaning function that prevents bacteria and mold from forming inside the heat exchanger. This helps to create hygienic and odor-free atmosphere.  With the aid of the Triple Filter it eliminates airborne chemical particles and unpleasant odors for a more pleasant indoor environment.
With the introduction of this, LG Electronics has once more demonstrated that it is dedicated to churning out groundbreaking products that addresses the peculiar needs of its teeming consumers.

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