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BBA 2013: Cleo settles issues with fellow girls

Clearing the airAfter Oneal’s initial attraction to Cleo in the early stages of the game, it seems there was a bit of tension between the Tswana Housemates current squeeze,Feza and the sexy Zambian.

This evening, the girls sat in the garden and discussed everything from Oneal to their beliefs. “Initially there was an attraction between me and Oneal in the early stages of the game. However, we all changed and moved on and I ended up finding happiness with Hakeem and now he’s with you. I thought it was because of me,” Cleo said.

Feza assured her that she had no problem with Cleo and that she was happy Cleo approached her with her concerns. “I won’t lie. There has been tension between us. I didn’t know what it was but I was aware of it. I’ve even prayed about it and am glad that we are fine,” Feza said.

As soon as Cleo and Feza hugged and went their separate ways, Feza went to the bedroom upstairs to fill Oneal in on what had just transpired.

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