BBA 2013 Nominations: The mudslinging starts!

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The mudslinging and name calling has started.

If you had any doubts that Nominations are a dirty business, then maybe this morning's session's might convince you. Very few Housemates held back when throwing the sharp Nominations dagger at their fellow Chasemates this morning.

From reasons including "She's two faced" to "He's bossy," the Housemates dug their claws in and didn't let go.

Elikem seems to be a strong contender for the Chase crown, according to some of the Housemates. When Bimp Nominated him, he said as much. "I consider Elikem a threat." Feza also said the same, before adding how she and Elikem have their differences. Nando on the other hand reckoned Nominating Elikem is a counter move. "There's no connection between us and he will probably Nominate me," the Tanzanian said. As if on cue, Elikem went into the Diary Room and did just that. "Nando talks a lot of unnecessary rubbish and is disrespectful to women," the Ghanaian said.

Angelo didn't hold back either, calling Feza two-faced. Elikem also said the same thing when he Nominated the Tanzanian. Dillish on the other hand, forgot all about Nando's crush on her and Nominated him for pretending to be everyone's friend. Beverly and Annabel seem to have their own drama going as well. Beverly Nominated Annabel and the latter kindly repaid the favour. "Beverly used a lame excuse for banishing me from the Head of House Task, courtesy of her 'Power of No' advantage", Annabel said. Beverly was as candid as they come as well. "Annabel's too cocky for my liking," the lingerie model said. Meow! The claws are definitely out!

Nominations breakdown:
Nando – Elikem and Sulu
Dillish – Bimp and Nando
Bimp – Elikem and Annabel
Annabel – Beverly and Cleo
Sulu – Annabel and Dillish
Melvin – Bimp and Oneal
Angelo – Elikem and Feza
Feza – Elikem and Cleo
Beverly – Annabel and Oneal
Cleo – Beverly and Melvin
Oneal – Elikem and Cleo
Elikem – Nando and Feza

With the Emeralds immune to Nomination this week, the Chasemates certainly had the odds stacked against them. Who do you think is going home?

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