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BBA 20113: Welcome to the Diamond Circus Task

Task: Welcome to the Diamond CircusThe Diamonds also had their turn with for their Circus Task Presentation and by the looks of things they were giving the Rubies a run for their Wager. They came out of the House in a jovial circus mood and that’s exactly what they brought throughout their performance.

The ring master this time was none other than the flamboyant Sierre LeoneanBassey who brought his fake English accent with as he presented the different acts. The two clowns were represented by yours truly, Nando and Bimp, whose act was the funniest by far.

The two hot hula hoop ladies in the Diamond House were Dillish and Beverly who did justice to the act. But everyone knows that just watching the two beauties would be enough entertainment for a while. Annabel also had fun being the Beard Lady and she looked perfectly in character.

Melvin the magician also brought his A-game as he performed a few tricks that had everyone clapping hard and the whole gang ended their Presentation with a birthday song for the former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. That, and the song they sang, was a nice touch to their performances. But we all know that Biggie needed to be impressed by these Housemates. Good luck to the Diamonds.

Do you think the Diamonds will win their Wager?

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