BBA 2013: Malawi Eliminated From the Chase

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Malawi has become the third country to be completely eliminated from the Big Brother house after the loquacious and dramatic Natasha was sent packing during the Sunday live eviction show.

This is barely a week after her country mate Fatima was shown the exit door from the Big Brother house together with Zimbabwe’s male model Hakeem.

Natasha who has dramatically survived several evictions, was this week not strong enough to stand the likes of Zambia’s well-liked Cleo, Melvin of Nigeria and Kenya’s Annabelle.

And former Zambia’s Big Brother housemate in the Amplified season, Mumba, is a happy lady after her words predicting that Cleo would survive the Sunday storm came true.
Mumba on Friday opposed a number of views from enthusiasts like Mercy Mulimba and Moses both of Lusaka who believed that it was the end of Cleo’s chase on Sunday.
Mumba was sure that there was no way Cleo was leaving the house because she was and is still playing the game so well and being herself as opposed to a lot of opposing views that she had lost direction after the eviction of Hakeem.

To add icing on the cake, Mumba now even believes that the Zambian duo of Sulu ‘International’ and the beautiful Cleo will storm the final-cut of the last five.
“I can see a lot of winning potential in Sulu, he is so entertaining and loved across Africa as evident from the strap messages we see on the screen every day… same with Cleo, she is also a vey smart player of the game,” says Mumba.

On Natasha’s elimination from the Chase, Mumba feels the Malawian is the one who had lost direction and stopped playing her game.
“Natasha went too much into gossip and seeing that she had been surviving serious storms, for about four or five times, she got comfortable and stopped playing her initial game,” says Mumba.

As for the Ghanaian Selly who was also evicted together with Natasha, it was more than evident that her time of playing a game had elapsed and she had few if not no cards to put on the table for the enduring days of the show.

Africa saw how Selly’ uncertainty in her love life was faking her real personality hence the voting against her continued stay. Selly’s latest love- game drama was on Thursday night when she got embroiled in a serious war of words with Zambia’s Sulu.

This was after the Ghanaian called the Ruby mates into the lounge to clarify her relationship with Sulu and deny that she was in an intimate relationship with him. Selly said the two were just mare friends.

In her attempt to explain herself, the Ghanaian who in the early start of the game proclaimed her love for Sulu told the Ruby mates that she can now not possibly be in a romantic relationship with Sulu but would be comfortable just to offer him friendship.

Selly said there had been too much gossip about her ‘friendship’ with Sulu and she felt the need to clear the air.
While the majority of housemates listened on with murmurs, others accused the Zambian brother of denying the Ghanaian diva space to be with any other man apart from him in the house.

After over 40 minutes of the controversy, in the Ruby lounge with some housemates taking leave to do other things, Sally exploded in a surprising manner, and continued blaming the grapevine mongers in the house who she described as ‘evil’.
She got into Sulu’s face and shouted that it was silly of him to continue listening to gossip from people she described as evil.
Unaffected, the Zambian, popular in the house for his high sense of humour burst into a big laughter.

During the live eviction interview on the Airtel settee, the full-of-life show host IK asked the Ghanaian diva about her Thursday night experience and if indeed she was not in a romantic relationship.

Surprisingly, Selly denied being in love with anyone apart from the Tanzanian dude, Nando- a failed relationship before Africa’s eyes and hers.
Selly forgot that she once told Big Brother during one of her diary sessions that she was in love with Zambia’s Sulu. Such uncertainty might have caused her this early exit.
The Chase is now heating up as evident from what is happening in the house. Remember that you as the viewer are part of this chase. Get involved through voting. Each week voting opens immediately after Monday night’s nomination show and closes at 06:00 CAT on Sunday morning.

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