Big Brother Amplified – of Love, Lust And Cheating?

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Eish, as far as BBA goes, Sundays are starting to become very emotional days sowaar.

The latest victim to close their chapter in the eventful ever-busy book of Big Brother are Danny and Nic, who had to pack up and leave following Sunday’s eviction show. The Namibian yesterday spoke to the reserved, self-employed Danny who hails all the way from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The 34-year-old clothing store owner says he enjoyed his time in the house and hopes he’ll be able to cash in on the exposure he got during his time in the game.

You are out, minus the money. How do you feel about that?

I tried my best. The decision has been made by Africa and I believe I got enough exposure. I’ve been in the house for seven weeks and I’m looking forward to capitalising on that.

What has been the highlight of the Amplified experience?

Just being me and being involved in everything. I guess also being part of the tasks and competitions in the house. I can say I tried to show how competitive I am.

When they nominated you, quite a few of the housemates described you as being lazy in the house? What do you have to say about that?

That’s totally wrong, I’m not a lazy person. I mean you could see I was competing in everything and doing my best at all times. It’s hard to call someone lazy. In that house when the mood and tension is high, we turn to each other and back stab each other. I guess that’s why people would call me lazy.

Loads of women around Africa think you are perfect husband material. Have you ever been married, how do you feel about marriage and what qualities do you look for in a woman?

Wow, I would like to thank all the women in Africa for having such an opinion about me. I’ve never been married and I look forward to getting to that in future. Commitment is not something I’m scared of.

Do you think it’s strange that as one of the most conservative guys in the house, you hooked up with one of the most controversial women – Lotus! Do you think opposites attract?

Maybe, yeah. I just like women who are free spirited, liberated and not afraid to speak their minds and Lotus was that type of person. I guess that made it easier for us to click.

When you were Head of House, you saved Luclay from possible eviction despite him being responsible for your friend Lotus being disqualified. A lot of people were shocked. What are your views?

What happened between Luclay and Lotus is between the two of them. I have different relationships with both of them. I mean I was close with both of them before the incident. I didn’t want to take sides, and that fact was what influenced my decision when it came to saving Luclay.

What do you think of Luclay constantly throwing tantrums in the house?

Well, that’s Luclay – everyone has his or her own way of expressing themselves. If that’s how Luclay wants to play the game, I can’t judge him. I appreciate him as a friend and it’s up to Africa to decide whether they like the way he plays the game. As a friend, I can only accept him for who he is.

Who do you feel closer to – Lotus or Luclay?

I am as close to Luclay the same way I was close to Lotus. Both of them are great people. They are both adorable with big elements of entertainment. It’s hard for me to pick sides because I see them both in the same light.

You are self-employed, tell us about your business?

I own and run a clothing shop – that’s what I do.

Any chance of coming to Namibia?

I would love to come and see Namibia, I heard a lot about Namibia from my best friend Miguel and Bernadina too. So I’m really looking forward to that.

Thank all my fans in Nam, I’m available on Facebook and ready to chat with them …I’m watching the show so be sure to tune into BBA Africa.

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