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Big brother Amplified: July 10 -It’s kickout day

The heat is on in the Big Brother Amplified house before the first eviction since the Tailshouse and the Headshouse mates were brought under one roof last week.

Indications are that Botswana’s talkative and nauseating Miss P has overstayed her welcome and will have to walk after 7pm tonight, but with Africa viewers voting anything is possible. Also on the chopping block, as Biggie would say, is Nigeria’s carefree Karen, who is rumoured to have had a boob job done, the highly opinionated and gravel-voiced Weza from Angola, the reserved but beautiful and gorgeous Sharon O from Uganda and the only man, Alex from Ghana, who is a sly and smooth operator.

  • The bold Karen, this week’s head of the house, did not try to save herself.

    She decided to test the African viewers’ love for or resentment of her by not replacing herself.

  • Alex has been accused by his female housemates of using their sexual vulnerability to get his way – either favours or avoiding nomination.

    What is certain, though, is that the stakes are becoming higher, the mates are watching their backs and alliances are being formed with the aim at reaching the end of the tunnel and the pot of gold – the R1,2m prize to be earned by two finalists.

  • Weza and some of the girls are stunned at how Karen managed to get close to Zeus, despite him being very standoffish with everyone else.

    Weza led a conversation in the bedroom, before lights out, in which Karen and Zeus were the topic of discussion.

    Weza wondered out loud how Karen managed to break down Zeus’s walls and get close to him.

    Weza revealed how, since the game started, Zeus was always going on about his girlfriend and didn’t even want to dance with any of the female housemates.

    She mentioned, however, that Karen seems to have worked some kind of magic on him because he allows her to get away with a lot of stuff.

    Weza then went on to discuss how there are many relationships in the house that she did not see coming, citing Bhoke and Ernest’s relationship in particular.

    “Honestly, I didn’t think anyone would date Bhoke,” she said, without batting an eyelid.

    Could Zeus be warming up to Karen because he has confessed to being faithful to his girl in the outside world, or is this just a friendship deepening?

  • Weza reached a decision that she and Luclay were finished.

    Their friendship is officially over and she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

    Out of the blue, Weza approached Luclay upstairs and gave him a piece of her mind.

    She told him to forget about their friendship, insisting that she’s had it with him, but the South African housemate resisted.

    Luclay stopped her in her tracks and told her she is the one who has been playing him.

    He wanted to know why she had been trying to make him jealous by being close to Alex, but Weza took the sarcastic route and ignored the calm Luclay.

    Weza eventually gave Luclay her ear and he poured his heart out, blaming her for betraying him after he had confided in her.

    Luclay said he trusted Weza and never thought their friendship was based on playing each other.

    This angered the Angolan housemate and she stormed out of the bedroom.

    Is it over or not?

    Playing to the cameras, maybe!

  • After toy-boy Lomwe professed he is worried about Kim’s mental health, we might be saying goodbye to yet another couple in the Big Brother house.

    Lomwe was cornered by Miss P earlier in the evening and she wanted to know how Lomwe really felt about Kim.

    Lomwe was straightforward and said Kim was not his girl or woman.

    He then said he was a bit worried about Kim because she seems unstable.

    Lomwe the psychiatrist, perhaps?

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