Ghana Out of Big Brother Amplified…As Alex, Miss P and Weza Are Booted Out!!!

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The only hope for Ghana in the on-going Big Brother Amplified reality show, Alex Biney “The Ladies Man” has been evicted from the Big Brother game after staying in the BBA house for a record 10 weeks but shockingly Alex was not the only one evicted.

For the first time not one, not two but three Housemates were evicted tonight – the ‘love’ triangle of Miss P, Alexand Weza is no more and emotions were very high in the House as the three strong housemates exited the Amplified house.

‘Bootilicious’ Miss P from Botswana was the first Housemate to receive the boot out of the House followed by her partner in crime Alex from Ghana and then Angolan hot diva Weza’s time was up and she was announced as the third housemate to be evicted.

The live eviction show started with a recap of what happened within the week; after eviction free last week, Zambian housemate Kim begun flirting with Malawian Rapper/ DJ Lomwe and Karen couldn’t stop flirting with Zeus. The Malaria task, The Sunflower Foundation talk and drama for about how to prevent Malaria, the Head of House (HoH) task won by Vimbai new HoH and the ‘No Clothes’ party on Saturday night.

Time was now time for outgoing HoH Karen to announce who she swapped and why. “There is me, Miss P, Alex, Shron O and Weza. It was a hard choice but I had to do it. I didn’t swap anybody I put myself up for eviction yes I did it”, Karen told her fellow mates.

Karen’s shocking revelation left Sharon O so surprised that she kept asking Karen “Are you serious?” over and over again. Kim was filled with emotions as she was seen crying after Karen announcement with her head on Alex’s shoulder. All the housemates hugged Karen and could not believe she could take such a risky and bold decision.

There came the dreaded eviction time and Miss P was called to leave the house immediately. She hugged all the housemates even when Big Brother was calling her to leave the house. Kim cried uncontrollably, Karen pulled her back when she was about to open the eviction door to exit and gave her a very passionate hug and she had a last kiss from her ‘partner in crime’ Alex before she finally left the house. She said being nominated by Luclay was rather hurting a bit but the rest she kind of expected it.

Miss P, Alex and Weza

When IK asked Miss P on stage how she felt being evicted she said “I am awesome It’s a game and I am a game player so am ok. I have been preparing myself for this for a very long time so I am Ok. Miss P said her favorite moment in the house was when all the housemates were tied together with rope for several days.

Miss P threw a retaliation fuse to Mumba who is expected to wear different clowns throughout the week. Miss P also said she will miss the emancipation night and when the “Heads” came into the “Tails” house.

Alex and Sharon O were asked to stand up. “Sharon O you have been saved Alex please leave the house and come on stage now” IK told the two housemates. Asked if he has regretted anything in the house, Alex said “I have not regretted anything I have done in the house, I have enjoyed myself. It was a blast”.

When IK asked Alex which of the girls he is in love with, Alex said he likes all the women when they come in different shapes and sizes. He said he like all of them so he was just playing them. Alex threw his fuse to Weza who was expected to lay all the bed in the house for a whole week but unfortunately or fortunately, Weza was evicted so she didn’t stay to perform her fuse.

IK went back into the house for the third time and this time the bullet went straight to sweet Weza the third casualty. “It’s a bunch emotion I don’t regret anything I did in the house”, Weza said.
About her relation with Ghanaian housemate Alex, Weza was left breathless as she couldn’t give an answer even though IK insisted on an answer. IK had no option than to leave Weza who was blushing all over, of the hook and asked to leave the stage and keep her answer to herself.

Weza’s fuse went to Karen who will lose all her cloths so she will have to beg fellow female housemates to barrow their dresses throughout the week.

The girls couldn’t believe that the diva of the House would soon be stepping out for good and they couldn’t help their tears as they watched her make her way to the Eviction doors.

What next should we expect from Biggie? Thirteen housemates out, thirteen to go but Ghana is definitely out. Housemates will face nomination session on Monday morning.

Watch how Alex was evicted below:

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