Big brother Amplified: Three Weeks till the Finish Line!

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After Nigerian star Ice Prince ripped up the stage with his hit “Superstar”, IK took viewers into the House and asked Karen to reveal her Head of House ‘save & replace’ decision to her Housemates. “Here’s the deal guys – there’s Weza, there’s Alex, Miss P, me and Sharon O. That’s a hard choice,” she told them. “And what I did… I didn’t do anything,” she said with a shrug. “I swapped no one. I put myself up”. The Housemates stared at each other for a second as her words sank in, before they rose to hug her.

After a performance by the Amplified dancers, IK took viewers straight back into the House. “This is where it gets serious. Housemates, when I call your name, please stand up,” he said. After a pause, he called out Miss P’s name. “Miss P – please leave the House now” he said, without naming another Housemate. Once she had emerged on stage, IK confirmed that she had indeed become the next Housemate to be evicted from Big Brother Amplified – and asked her how she was feeling.

“I’m awesome, I’ve been preparing for this, you know I’m a game-player and this is part of the game,” she told him. “What was your best moment in the House?” he asked. “I’ve had so many! I can’t actually pick one. I liked the task where we were all tied up together ‘coz it brought us together – but then we hated each other,” she said. When quizzed about who she thought had nominated her, she said she had no idea, but “probably the girls”. After viewing the nomination clips, she told IK that Luclay’s nomination had hurt the most. Then it was time for her to Blow a Fuse. IK read out the detail: “One Housemate must put on different clown faces every day of the week, this week. Makeup is available in the store room, which means this Fuse commences almost immediately.” He turned to her for a name. “I can’t do that to Alex…” she said as the crowd chanted the Ghanaian’s name. ”Mumba – I need Mumba to come out of the closet, so Mumba,” said Miss P.

Alex-600x400IK bid her farewell – but immediately took viewers back into the House. “You know the drill, I wish I had more good news, but…. Alex please stand up,” IK told the Housemates. “Sharon O, please stand up…. Sharon O, you have been saved. Alex, please leave the House now,” IK said.

When the Ghanaian arrived on stage after a second Ice Prince performance, IK asked him what he thought had gone wrong in the House in the last week after things had seemingly been going well for him. “I think that the Jerry Springer Show blew me up!” he exclaimed. “So are you regretting the plan you had with Miss P?” quizzed IK. “No man, I have no regrets, I enjoyed myself. It was a blast, a great experience – I’m looking forward to another one,” Alex told him. “What do you feel you could have done differently?” IK asked him. “Truthfully, I don’t think I would have changed anything, maybe I would have just been more cautious with my alliance with Peo, because when you hurt a girl, she goes in,” said Alex with a rueful smile. Then it was his turn to ‘go in’ and Blow a Fuse: One Housemate must make all the other Housemates’ beds every day for one week. This fuse will last until this time next week. “The crowd said it – Weza!” said Alex, selecting the Angolan as the recipient in response to some intense chanting from the crowd. IK had time for one last question: “You got the first and maybe the last kiss – but who were you really after in the House?” “I mean, I’m feeling all the women, you understand, African women come in a lot of forms, a lot of shapes…” said Alex cryptically, before leaving the stage.

Just as the Housemates had started to relax, IK’s voice boomed into the House again. “It’s a tough day, I wish I had some good news…” he said ominously. “Karen and Weza please stand up,” he said. “Karen you have been saved, Weza you have been evicted from the House”.

As Weza emerged on stage, IK confirmed that she had also been evicted from the Big Brother Amplified House. “Do you have any regrets?” asked IK. “IK, I never regret anything I do, I only regret the things I didn’t do, so in this case, no regrets whatsoever,” she said, giggling. “This thing with you and Luclay – tell me about it, how serious was it?” he asked as the Angolan smiled coyly. “Would you date him outside the House?” he probed “IK, Luclay has a girlfriend, we’re just very good friends,” said Weza. Digging deeper, IK proposed a hypothetical: “Imagine he didn’t have a girlfriend – if he didn’t have a girlfriend and he was available, would you date him outside the House?” “No, we’re just very good friends,” said Weza again. After seeing her highlights and nomination clips, it was her turn to Blow a Fuse: One Housemate must pack all their clothes and put them in the store room. That Housemate must borrow clothes from every other Housemate for the week.” “Oh my gosh – Karen – the crowd chose you,” said Weza after some thought. “There was a thing with Alex, when Alex came into the House you had some interesting moments. What exactly do you feel for him?” asked IK as a tough parting shot. After smiling shyly and trying hard to avoid the question, the Angolan eventually answered: “That’s a very good question IK, I’ll get back to you!” before departing the stage.

Four viewers picked up fantastic prizes for voting and interacting with Big Brother during the past week: Caroline Messo (Kenya) won a DStv HD PVR, Zanele Kunene (South Africa) won a Samsung Laptop, Ramda Kassah (Ghana) won a Samsung Galaxy S and Debby Osagwere (Nigeria) won a Samsung Mobile Phone.

Two Big Brother Amplified Housemates will walk away with massive prizes of USD200 000 EACH on 31 July – there’s still a lot of action to come on Big Brother Amplified! Big Brother Amplified is headline sponsored by Coca-Cola. Fans can catch all the latest news, video – and all-important voting information – at Tweet Big Brother @BigBroAfrica, send SMS messages to the on-screen strap, visit the Big Brother Africa Facebook Group to get the low-down on the continent’s favourite reality show and get updated news and two video streams – and houses – by pressing the “OK” button on your DStv remote when on DStv Channel 198.

Nominations – Who Is Up for Eviction?

Five Up for Eviction as Vimbai Saves Wendall

After the shock of seeing three of their number leave on Sunday, M-Net’s Big Brother Amplified Housemates had to re-focus on another set of nominations on Monday (11 July). Thirteen Housemates have left and thirteen remain – and 5 are up for eviction again this week! Bernadina, Lomwe, Vina, Mumba and Zeus all found themselves in the firing line after Head of House Vimbai saved Wendall and put Mumba up in his place.

· Vimbai didn’t waste much time in saving her fellow Zimbabwean – and love interest – Wendall when she headed to the Chat Room, but the big surprise was that she replaced him with Mumba instead of Karen. She and the Nigerian have not seen eye-to-eye since Karen gave Wendall a massage. Vimbai had also nominated Karen for the last two weeks running, so it was a surprise that she didn’t take the opportunity to put her back in the firing line.

· During the nomination sessions, the ladies stuck to their strategy of nominating the men. Most surprising was Kim’s nomination of Lomwe, with whom she has shared some intimate moments. She told Big Brother that he is “too reserved”, making it hard for her to trust him.

· Both Vimbai and Vina nominated Zeus – the former because of the way his dalliance with Karen showed disregard for his girlfriend outside the House and the latter because she felt he was “using” her fellow Nigerian.

· Kim, Bernadina, Millicent, Mumba, Vina, Karen and Sharon O all nominated Wendall for a variety of reasons – mostly, it seems, his strategy of keeping a low profile while being extremely competitive has caught up with him.

· Millicent, Hanni, Vimbai and Karen are the only women who nominated other women. Unsurprisingly, Karen and Vimbai’s ongoing feud saw them nominate each other.

· Millicent nominated Vina and Hanni chose Bernadina alongside her nomination of Zeus.

· Lomwe based his decision on the people he has interacted least with, naming Hanni and Mumba.

· Zeus nominated Kim and Vina (who coincidentally returned the favour!).

· Luclay nominated Bernadina and Zeus, while Wendall named Zeus and Vina as his choices.

The winner of Big Brother Amplified, headline sponsored by Coca-Cola, will be named on 31 July – and the power to award USD200 000 each to TWO winners, rests in the hands of the viewers.

Big Brother wants your vote: Just remember you are voting to keep a nominated Housemate in the House!

Which means, the more you vote for your favourite nominated Housemate, the better their chance of staying in the house.

When you Vote, you also stand the chance of winning weekly prizes, including DStv Decoders, and from Samsung: Cameras, Camcorders, Laptops, Smartphones and the Galaxy Tab.

The Housemate who receives the least number of votes will be Evicted.

You can vote to keep a nominated Housemate in the house in three different ways:

1. Using MXit
2. Via the website, or the WAPsite on your mobile phone.
3. By sending an SMS

To vote using MXit: open the browser on your WAP-enabled mobile phone, and type in to download MXit for free. Then locate MXit on your phone in the applications or games section and register. Once in MXit, go to Tradepost -> Entertainment -> Mnet. You will find the Big Brother contact in the M-Net bot. Add the Big Brother contact. Please note that voting on MXit is free and you can vote up to 10 times on MXit per voting period

To vote online: Register on DStv Connect, or use your existing DStv Connect profile details to log in. ( Please note that voting on the website or wapsite is free and you are allowed to vote once per hour during the voting period.

To vote via SMS: send the word VOTE followed by the Housemate’s name to the number for your country. SMS’s are charged per specified network tariffs in the various countries. VAS rates apply. Free minutes do not apply. Please note that you can vote 100 times by SMS per telephone number during each voting period.

Unitel – 43333 – UTT 6.6 per SMS

Mascom – 16626 – P2.50 per SMS
Orange – 16626 – P2.50 per SMS
BEMOBILE – 16626 – P2.50 per SMS

Ethio Telecom – 835 – 5 Birr per SMS

MTN – 1477 – GHC 0.60 per SMS
Vodafone – 1477 – GHC 0.60 per SMS
Tigo – 1477 – GHC 0.60 per SMS
Espresso – 1477 – GHC 0.60 per SMS
Airtel – 1477 – GHC 0.60 per SMS

Safaricom – 5626 – Kes 30 per SMS
Orange – 5626 – Kes 30 per SMS
Airtel – 5626 – Kes 30 per SMS

TNM – 15626 – MK 48.00 per SMS
Airtel – 15626 – MK 48.00 per SMS

Vodacom – 99026 – MT 20.00 per SMS
Mcel – 99026 – MT 20.00 per SMS

Leo – 15626 – N$ 3 per SMS
MTC – 15626 – N$ 3 per SMS
Telecom – 15626 – N$ 3 per SMS

MTN – 34350 – N75 per SMS
Airtel – 34350 – N75 per SMS
Glo – 34350 – N75 per SMS
Etisalat – 34350 – N75 per SMS
Starcomm – 34350 – N75 per SMS

South Africa
Vodacom – 33729 – R1.50 per SMS
MTN – 33729 – R1.50 per SMS
Cell C – 33729 – R1.50 per SMS

Vodacom – 15726 – Tsh 600 per SMS
Tigo – 15726 – Tsh 600 per SMS
Zantel – 15726 – Tsh 600 per SMS
SASATEL – 15726 – Tsh 600 per SMS

UTL – 6626 – Ugx 1000 per SMS
Warid – 6626 – Ugx 1000 per SMS

MTN – 15626 – ZK 2000 per SMS
Zamtel – 15626 – ZK 2000 per SMS

Econet – 33334 – USD 0.50 per SMS
NetOne – 15626 – USD 0.50 per SMS

Voting begins immediately after the nomination show on Monday nights and closes at 06:00 CAT on the following Sunday morning.

Find out who has received the least number of votes and will be evicted by tuning in to DStv Channel 198 on Sunday nights for the live eviction show at 19:00 CAT.

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