Big Brother Amplified: The going gets tougher… in Biggie’s house

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As 13 housemates leave, 13 remain

For sure, those who make out time to view the sixth edition of the ‘Big Brother Africa’ reality show tagged: Big Brother Amplified, currently running on M-Net platform are having a bunch of the amplified fun and excitement as promised by the producer at the launch of the reality show on May 1, 2011.

The twist, the tact, the scheming, nomination and eviction drama all add to the making of an intriguing show. However, 10 weeks down the show and two weeks remaining, Africa has finally reached the half way mark in terms of the number of housemates that have been evicted and the ones remaining, as an equal number of housemates have left the house as there are still remaining.

While viewers were still surprised at the ‘No Nomination’ and also ‘No Eviction’ after the merger of the two houses, which is still another twist of this edition of the show, about three housemates left the house last Sunday over a massive eviction, the biggest so far in the show.

Many who thought it was a ‘strategy gone wrong’ for Nigerian Karen, who rather nominate a fellow housemate for eviction decided to nominate herself, now see the virtue and even tact in the action of the somewhat crazy queen of the show.
There were actually tears, accolades and ‘insults’ thrown at Karen when she both surprised and confused her housemates with the news that she had put herself up for possible eviction.

But how safe can she and other housemates be now that the show has reached it half mark, and most sadly, now that the eviction fever is sweeping more than ever. With the look of things, four out of the five housemates nominated for possible eviction this last Monday may be going this Sunday.

A peep into the Big Brother House reveals that the tension in there is as guns keep blazing.

From strong characters and lack of connection; playing dirty and talking too much, the housemates keep throwing missiles at one another even from the nomination sessions.

Without spelling it out, the girls seem to stick to their pact of placing the guys on the chopping block and the most shocking was Kim putting Lomwe up because he is reserved and she does not trust him.

This is not the first time that Kim has put up a guy she has a thing with in the House up. Nic also felt her wrath and he was booted out of the game.

It seems as though the housemates are not convinced with Zeus and Karen’s friendship. Vina made it clear that she was putting him up because he was using her countrymate, while Vimbai expressed her disgust at the way he was disregarding his girlfriend and entertaining Karen.

Wendall’s low profile and competitive nature have finally caught up with him as most housemates pointed this out.

Kim, Millicent, Mumba, Vina, Karen as well as Sharon O all think Wendall’s time is up in the Big Brother House for various reasons. Millicent, Hanni, Vimbai and Karen are the only girls who nominated other girls. The feud between Karen and Vimbai has reached nasty levels and the two are determined to pull each other down, and both did not hesitate to nominate each other.

However, Vimbai has the upper hand as ‘Head of House’ and it looks like neither of them will be up for possible eviction. Ironically, Vimbai was clad in a Nigerian t-shirt during her nomination session.

Still hook unto the M-Net platform to discover who among Zeus, Nigeria’s Vina, Lomwe, Mumba who joined the most dreaded list of nominees last Monday will fair.

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