Big Brother Amplified: With little time left, paranoia sets in – by Vimbai Karumazondo

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WINDHOEK – With very little time left before announcing the winners of this year’s Big Brother Amplified game, housemates are getting worried about how much longer they each have in the game.

Last Sunday’s eviction left many shaken when they saw Miss P, Alex and Weza leave the house, proving yet again that with Big Brother, one never knows what twists the game will take.

The eviction of the three housemates left the house in utter silence and has since brought with it some paranoia and a case of trust nobody … fear everybody.

Housemates have been pondering who will go this week and have already speculated as to who might be up for eviction come next week.

There was also talk about who Head of House Vimbai switched this week, with some of the housemates picking on Kim saying that she would go.

The original five were Wendall, Vina, Zeus, Lomwe and Bernadina. However, Vimbai did not waste her time, saving her country mate and love interest Wendall and replacing him with Mumba.

Miss P speaks to New Era

In an interview with New Era early this week, the evicted Miss P could not contain her excitement.

“The experience is something that if you have not done it you can’t imagine how it would be,” she said.

She explained that the strategy between her and Alex was to get all the ladies to like him and have them eventually fight among themselves and eliminate one another.

“Me and Alex we had an understanding and we understood each other,” she said.

Miss P did not hesitate to say she would play the game again given an opportunity, provided there is a different set of housemates.

“I got to learn from the housemates and it was like travelling Africa for me; learning about the various cultures,” she added.

She shared that since her eviction she has received some job offers while her plans are to simply go back home and continue job hunting…good for you Miss P.

Karen and Zeus

Ever since Zeus entered the Tails house a while ago, Karen seems to have found a new hobby, which includes climbing on him and using him as a pole to wrap herself around, aiming kisses and hugs his way. Zeus has, however, been able to dodge most of them but of late it is hard to make out if he is actually giving in. He has been spotted giving in to some of Karen’s rather silly requests, for instance, lying in bed next to her and holding her tight. This week Karen hurt her leg and took the opportunity to make Zeus her lap boy making demands and playing the sick patient in need of attention.

On the other hand, Vina questioned Lomwe’s ways especially since he seems to be such a flirt. There have also been questions whether Lomwe and Kim’s relationship is real or yet another attempt by Lomwe to rake in some player points.

Party 101

Housemates were treated to some partying this week when Wendall turned a year older … Little did Big Brother know that his kind gesture would turn into an event of its own. The housemates got down to the snacks and yes the free booze. The alcohol was consumed in large quantities while some could not even remember what it was they had.

The next morning proved tough, with housemates skipping their workout session and taking in some extra hours of sleep. The entire house came to a standstill and dead silence as housemates dozed off in all corners of the house looking like they had been run over by trucks.

War of words

It was only a matter of time before Karen and Vimbai’s beef boiled over, with Vimbai telling Karen that she did not like her and was not about to start.

Karen being Karen, started running her mouth only for Vimbai to totally ignore her.

Vimbai seemed not very pleased with the way Karen was trying to get to her by flirting with her love interest Wendall.

The two exchanged harsh words leaving nothing to the imagination that there was hope that they could eventually get along…not!

The house has simply become a boxing ring for their dislike for one another.The big questions this week is who goes and who stays?

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