Big Brother Amplified: Bernadina, Zeus and Mumba evicted

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As the Big Brother Africa (Amplified) reality show continues its knife-edge stages, three more housemates, Bernadina, Zeus and Mumba have been evicted from the show Sunday.

Prior to Sundays live eviction show, 13 housemates had already been evicted from the show and with about two weeks to go, the reality show went into a different gear as the competition got keener.

Last week’s eviction show took viewers by surprise as Big Brother boldly for the first time in this season’s show evicted three housemates, Alex, Miss P and Weza.

Sunday’s eviction which had Bernadina, Lomwe, Vina, Mumba and Zeus up for eviction was no different from last week’s as Big Brother decided to implement the ‘three’ eviction rule once again.

After a recap of the week’s activities, the agony of eviction stated taking its toll as IK, host of the show, reached out to Vimbai, Head of House, to officially declare who she is saving from possible eviction and who she putting in that person’s place.

The Head of House who was dressed in a towel decided to save her fellow country man, Wendall, who interestingly she also has a thing for, putting Mumba up for eviction.

When evictions started, Namibian housemate, Bernadina was the first to be asked by IK to leave the house. After sharing final hugs and kisses with housemates, she left the house to the Amplified stage.

After coming to terms with the housemates who nominated her for eviction, Bernadina was shocked to know that her trusted pal Luclay also nominated her for eviction. She was however quick to blow a fuse at him. Luclay’s fuse prevents him from receiving any message from home all week.

Botswanan housemate, Zeus was the second housemate to be evicted from the show. After he was shown the housemates who nominated him, he blew his fuse at Wendall. Wendall’s fuse will see him wearing a floral swimming cap for the whole week.

Mumba was not lucky as that unfortunate swap by Vimbai saw her packing. Her eviction was really emotional as some of the housemates were in a state of shock, speechlessness, while others were in tears.

Mumba’s fuse was however blown at Luclay again. Not only will the South African housemate not receive any message from home for a week, he will walk backwards throughout the week – a double fuse.

As per this week’s votes, Lomwe had 5 country votes – votes from Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique. Vina followed with 4 country votes receiving votes from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana and the Rest of Africa.

Mumba had 3 country votes – votes from Zimbabwe, Zambia and Angola while Zeus had 2 country votes. He got votes from Botswana and South Africa.

Bernadina had the least number of voting obtaining 1 country vote from her home country, Namibia.

Viewers and fans were thrilled to exciting performances from Eltido featuring Banky W and the Amplified dancers.

Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu/

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