Big Brother Amplified: Zambia out of contention for BBA House grand prize

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ZAMBIA’s dreams of winning part of the Big Brother Amplified US$400,000 grand prize were on Sunday shattered when the only remaining hopeful in the house Kim, was shown the eviction door.

Kim’s elimination comes barely a week after Mumba’s, who was not initially nominated but swapped for Wendall by Vimbai. But Zambia’s elimination does not signify the end of drama on DStv channel 198.

In fact, this is when its the drama has reached its climax!

Bitter as the pill might be to swallow, the only consolation for most Zambian Big Brother fans was to see their prediction and wish come-true.

“Vimbai, you are heartless and next to face the boot,” that was the prediction that dominated our lines even on the strap.

Well, 99.9 per cent absolutely correct!

Vimbai was indeed next in tow to leave the
Big Brother house after contributing to Mumba and Kim’s fate.

As she received marching orders from Big Brother to leave the house and catwalk to the live evection stage on DStv channel 198, there were absolutely no emotional tears from the fellow housemates but those of her own.

Aggrieved indeed, Vimbai confessed to show host IK that her eviction was the worst experience in the Big Brother Amplified journey, hence cried that she could not make it to the finals.

As for Kim, the fun continued as she was seen walking head high on the evection stage leaving her love interest Lomwe rather miserable in the house.

Romantic as she is, ‘Kimbaly from Zambia’ as she was fondly referred to by her former housemates, carried the Zambian flag in one hand and a single stem of a rose flower in the other, with a bright signature smile on her face! How romantic.

When asked who she thought put her on the chopping list, Kim told show host IK that she had no idea though she seemed to have had an inner conviction that Vina her love competition for Lomwe would be among them.

We had a chat with Kim yesterday where we discussed various issues
ranging from her extraordinary 12-week experience in the house, the romantic fun-filled lifestyle and of course her reaction on the demise of the second Republican President Dr Fredrick Chiluba.

Be the first to get Kim’s reaction to these and many more interesting issues exclusively in tomorrow’s edition of the Times of Zambia.

How Africa Voted

South Africa’s Luclay led and was pushed into the finals by his own country South Africa, Angola, rest of Africa and Ghana.

He was closely followed by the gorgeous calm and collected Ethiopian diva Hanni who was backed by her country Ethiopia and Nigeria.

Zimbabwe’s Wendall managed two country votes, his own Zimbabwe and Namibia while Lomwe was saved by his country Malawi and Mozambique.

Millicent equally had two country votes Kenya and Uganda but when a percentage mechanism was used, it was discovered that she was way below the required points to survive an eviction.

Kim only had mother Zambia backing her while Vimbai was backed by a foreign country Tanzania. Millicent from Kenya says her acting and football careers await her outside the Big Brother House.

With an already sold-out face and body, Millicent is likely to be overwhelmed by film production houses. We also had a chat with Zimbabwe’s evicted housemate Vimbai and Kenya’s Millicent all exclusive in tomorrow’s edition of the Times of Zambia.

The drama now takes a new twist in the house as Vina who was trying so
hard to get Lomwe’s attention gets exposed to the Malawian dude that she is afterall a back-stabber.

Things would have been much easier had Lomwe been evicted but
unfortunately for Vina the Malawian dude is there to stay till the last day as the head of last house.

This now means that Africa has between now and Sunday to pass the verdict
which two among the seven finalists go home $200,000 richer each.

Zambia cannot wait to see what Karen will do with her pledge of sharing part of her money with Mumba should she be named one of the two winners which in our view is very likely to be the case.

The finalists now are: Nigeria’s Karen and Vina, Zimbabwe’s Wendall, South Africa’s Luclay, Malawi’s Lomwe, Uganda’s Sharon O and Ethiopia’s Hanni.

Five will be silenced and two will walk the triumphant red carpet winners walk this Sunday.

Who do you want to win? The decision will purely be made by you as you
continue voting for your favourite housemate.

A quick peep in to the Big Brother House around 23:10 hours revealed all
the finalists save for South Africa’s Luclay, taking sighs of elimination relief in the Jacuzzi with so much to drink.
The bubbling Jacuzzi water obscured what was happening in the depth of
the Jacuzzi as Karen tried her best to lure Wendall while Vina also tried to open a new page with a seemingly disinterested Lomwe.

What was obscured will remain covered.

Meanwhile, the VIP section of the Polo Grill Night Club was last Friday night highly amplified as it was the preferred venue to celebrate 11 weeks of Mumba’s stay in the Big Brother Amplified House.

The atmosphere was filled with the Big Brother amplified fever when Mumba walked in around 22:00 hours, with Polo Grill’s head DJ Zain Vlahakis aka Bassflez burning the decks to the full satisfaction of
the celebrating audience.

Mumba has since settled down in her normal lifestyle outside the Big Brother walls though she still continues to enjoy that celebrityAMPLIFIED STATUS!

Anthony-Claret Ifeanyi Onwutalobi

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