Big Brother Amplified – Who Will Be the Winner?!

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Today we feature a guest columnist from TVSA, Prudence Mathebula. Prudence blogs for the South African-based TVSA ( as Pruluv. Her views on housemates, their chances, and the Naija ‘factor’ do not necessarily reflect those of The Namibian’s Big Brother writers! Enjoy …

With seven housemates left and a few days to go before the Big Brother Amplified finale, it’s becoming almost apparent who’s taking the moola home …I still don’t understand why Wendall and Hanni are still in the game. Really Actually, rather them than Vimbai ‘the Vampire’, not too sure about Kim ‘the Skank’. Now Vina can jump Lomwe’s bones lol.


Let’s look at the likelihood of who’s taking the US$400 000 (US$200 000 x 2) grand prize home.

Karen 100%

Big Brother Amplified could easily be renamed to Big Brother Karen, because she defines Amplified. I thought Tatiana and Richard were the craziest Big Brother housemates until we were introduced to Karen, who is simply epic. She’s one person who manages to rub everyone up the wrong way, nag them to forgive her, then befriend them all over again. However, I doubt the bouncer has a soft spot for her, particularly after what she does to him after the Saturday night parties. Her chat room sessions are the best. She would walk in crying, smile mid-session then leave in laughter. She’s remained consistent in her MADness and deserves to win the US$200 000. If she doesn’t win, then we’ll know the money went to Julius Malema’s Trust Fund

Luclay 80%

As much as I would love to fully support him, he just has a way of irritating everyone, the viewers included. Agreed he’s a good actor, but enough with the Muvhango drama. Whenever he wears his hat as Mr Otono, he’s very entertaining. Then somehow he just goes overboard. Ask Lotus and Karen, they’ll testify that brother man can go too far. I truly believe he has split personalities or (is) bipolar. However, he’s played his part in the house, and for the most part he’s been really entertaining. I loved his confrontation with Mumba, who put him in his place. Hehehe

If all things go according to plan, he will share the prize money with Karen.

Don’t you think they make a perfect couple?

Vina 78%

Big Ups to Nigeria for supporting their country mates because I don’t know how Vina has made it this far. OK, fair enough, she’s smart, she’s a good dancer and has a cute smile, but Noooo man. Anyway, Vina is a woman in love with the playa, Lomwe. No matter how many times she says she doesn’t love him, the fact remains – Vina loves Lomwe, period.

I guess that’s what makes her entertaining, how she’s pushed away all the obstacles to get closer to Lomwe. Even bullying her ‘best bud’ Hanni to move over so she can get to the kill. She’s a contender for the prize simply because she’s from Naija. Apparently since Naijas are in every country, they have ‘that’ voting power. So, we might get the shock of our lives come Sunday and IK announces Vina as the other winner. We’ll have to see

Lomwe 72%

Playa! Playa! Although he’s never revealed his strategy, this guy was placed in the house to give the poor girls heartache. He’s been scouting and tried hard to get one of the girls in his bed whilst in the Heads house, without much luck. Then Taaa-da! His entry into the Tails house gave him a buffet, which saw him become Mr Casanova and sleep with Kim. Yeah they did it.

He’s obviously good looking and he knows it. Besides his womanising ways and good looks, he’s doesn’t offer much to the show. Well maybe that’s all he needs; he is after all in the final. I don’t see him winning. Naaa

Sharon O 70%

She’s very much the equivalent of Lomwe in the looks department. She’s hot and has a hot body. It’s a good thing the show is coming to an end before she gets a phuza face, although the signs are already there. She was sooo boring initially. She gained confidence after being saved a couple of times. She’s now become loud and crazy and it’s working for her, since she’s not planning on getting it down with any guy. I’ve noted that she’s got some love-nyana for Lomwe. She hasn’t brought much drama, besides making Kim feel like the ‘s’ word, when Lomwe chose her to share his glass house prize. Because of her lack of drama, I don’t see her winning the prize money.

Hanni 52%

She’s definitely not going to win. It’s just impossible. What has she done? Follow Vina everywhere. That’s about it. She’s beautiful all right. I think she’s the most beautiful lady in the house and her hairstyle this past Sunday Wow. #NoHomo.

I guess that’s what’s kept her in the game. She’s offered no entertainment, no drama, nothing. She’d make a good photo to stare at, but winning Big Brother She must forget it.

Wendall 50%

This Wendall guy’s mere existence in the final baffles me. How did it happen? Is it those biceps? I’m seriously confused. I have seen zero per cent entertainment from this guy. OK, maybe when he’s downed a couple of drinks, he’s injected with life, but it’s still not enough. Shame, he’s been trying really hard in the past two weeks, but I see him as the first one to be out on Sunday.

These are my predictions, but anything can happen.

I still maintain that if Karen doesn’t win then there’s no justice in this world.

The majority of these housemates that are in the final are proof that good looks can take you far. Far in life and far in the game. Housemates who were more entertaining have left the house because their faces didn’t cut it.

Tjo, life is just unfair


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