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Big Brother Amplified On The Last Lap

Botswana’s Miss P, Ghana’s Alex and Angola’s Weza were evicted from M-Net’s Big Brother Amplified on Sunday after receiving the fewest country votes from Africa this week. Miss P’s revelation to the other ladies about her and Alex’s strategy seems to have cost the duo their places in the House while the eviction of a third Housemate came as a shock to viewers and Housemates alike. This means that half the Housemates have now been evicted from Big Brother Amplified leaving 13 running for the two massive prizes of $200,000 each!

After the shock of seeing three of them leave yesterday, M-Net’s Big Brother Amplified Housemates had to re-focus on another set of nominations today. Thirteen Housemates have left and thirteen remain. Now, five are up for eviction again this week! Bernadina, Lomwe, Vina, Mumba and Zeus all found themselves in the firing line after Head of House Vimbai saved Wendall and put Mumba up in his place.

The Housemates decided to play it safe, choosing to Wager 75 percent of their Luxury Shopping Decibels for this week’s spooktastic Task! Jaws dropped when Head of House Vimbai read out the Haunted House Task that the Housemates will have to sink their teeth into this week. For two days and one night, Housemates will become ghosts and will be responsible for all the other ghosts and haunting in the House. The crew is expected to maintain an energetic level of performance throughout the two day period and even a minute of being out of character could cost the team the Wager. Upon hearing this, Sharon O and Bernadina made their feelings about the Wager clear.


Vina, Luclay and Kim stayed up till way after midnight talking about how to deal with anger issues in the House among other issues. The Housemates were talking about the situation in the House and the strategies that some Housemates had adopted. Kim said the House had taught her the art of anger management. She said she just screams and then shouts; “Kimberly from Zambia.”

The Zimbabwean duo seem to be taking the analysis of the game too far with the conclusion that next week they will both be up for possible eviction. Vimbai and Wendall tried to dissect the game and how it is likely to pan out as it nears the end. They spoke about the networks that some Housemates have out there which led to Vimbai querying what it is that Sharon O could be doing right in the House to warrant the love Africa has shown her.


Sharon O and Kim chilled on the green couch discussing how the Housemates were freaking out in light of the looming Eviction. With less than three weeks left in the game, the Housemates have started stressing out and almost all of them spent evenings this week sleeping.

Kim said all she knew was that her mother was proud of her seeing as she has gone this far in the game.

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