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Big Brother Africa 2014: Task to selfies with tecno mobile Phantom Z

Task: Selfies with tecno mobile Phantom Z

Another interesting task is at hand and housemates will have to showcase some Selfie taking skills courtesy of Tecno Mobile Phantom Z. The task is all about capturing the moment, picking the right light, striking the best pose and a peace sign.

Housemates were given the opportunity to photograph themselves as many times as possible in the Phantom Z Selfie Booth provided.

Housemates were provided with a colourful array of props and trinkets to be used when they take their selfies. All selfies were to display the use of the accessories. Housemates also had to wear their Tecno Mobile Tshirts.

As soon as the announcement was made clear, housemates were head over hills and it took no time for the likes of Ellah to grab all they needed to take the Selfies. HoH Sipe went in next and took a couple of shots, Ellah clearly hadn’t had enough and thus joined Sipe and the pair kicked off a Selfie taking session.

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