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Big Brother Africa 2014: When Trezagah and Sheillah faced off!

When Trezagah and Sheillah faced off!

So finally the gentle Trezagah came out of his shell but it seems for the wrong reasons as he faced off with Sheillah over what the ‘bossy lady’ deemed unnecessary shouting. It all started when Tayo launched into a prompt shout out to family and friends something he and Trezagah did at the top of their voices. This got to the ladies (Goitse,Samantha and Sheillah) with Sheillah coming out to stop the drama.

Sheillah had had enough and facd off with the boys telling them off and emphasizing that it was not called for for them to make lots of noise all in the name of sending greetings back home. Samantha wondered why Tayo who’s always “himself” was all of a sudden acting up and playing for the cameras.

It’s at this moment that Trezagah lost his usual reserved and cool self and thus insults started coming from both sides, Trezagah later told the boys that he would put Sheillah in her place if she didn’t go slow on him

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