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Zimbabwe: Stars Might Return to Big Brother 9

Fame refers to renown and reputation, or a position of public prominence. Someone can be famous for making a scientific breakthrough, being skilled in sports, music or producing remarkable products. In recent years reality television is producing overnight stars too and Africa’s most watched show Big Brother is no exception.

Every year the show has a theme which then becomes the criteria for choosing house-mates.

Speculation has it that this year’s edition will be dubbed, “All Stars 2”.

This means that the concept will focus on previous unsuccessful contestants and give them a second chance in the game.

The question on most people’s minds then is: who will represent Zimbabwe this time round?

Zimbabwean housemate ManetaOn a Facebook fan page for Big Brother Africa, the administrators have dropped some hints as to what to expect this season.

“It is scheduled to start on August 10th, 2014 and will feature 28 participants from 14 different countries.

“The countries being Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, South Africa,

Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe,” reads the post.

The post further highlighted that the house-mates will be picked from Season 6 (Amplified) and Season 8 (The Chase).

“The house-mates for the season would be picked from season 6 Amplified –8 The Chase. The house-mates may include; Angola — Seydou and Neyll, Botswana — Eve and Motamma, Ethiopia — Bimp and Hanni, Ghana — Keitta and Alex, Kenya — Huddah and Malonza, Malawi — Lomwe and Natasha, Namibia — Bernandina and Maria, Nigeria — Chris and Vina, Sierra Leone — Zainab and Bassey, South Africa — Lee and Koketso, Tanzania — Nando and Hilda, Uganda — Denzel and Kyle, Zambia — Tamara and Sulu, Zimbabwe — Hakeem and Maneta.”

As per rules and regulation, if one house-mate has been disqualified he or she is not given a second chance. But on this one, they hinted Maneta might be going back. Hakeem said the information was news to him and no communication has been made to him.

“I cannot confirm about the issue as I also don’t even know what is going on. I only saw this on the internet just like everyone,” said Hakeem’s manager identified as Khu.

If it is true that contestants will be picked from Season 6 and Season 8, then other names to be considered from Zimbabwe are Roki and Pokello.

However, on social networks some fans are already promoting pages of their favourite house-mates whom they are supporting for this year’s show.

Time will tell if there are right or Multichoice will surprise them.

MultiChoice Zimbabwe publicist Liz Dziva said they have not received any information on this year’s season. “Nothing has been communicated to us yet including the selection of house-mates,” she said

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