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Daybreak: Housemates going crazy?

After 89 days spent cooped up in the Big Brother House, away from everything and everyone that they know and love, it looks like some of the Housemates are starting to put the ‘cray’ in crazy.

"You made it man, top five, final week," Elikem said, talking to himself. "You came here, you seen and conquered all. A couple of Heads of House and a couple of arena wins," he added.

The young Ghanaian was outside in the garden all by his lonesome when he decided to struck up a conversation with himself to let him know just how proud he is of himself. Huh, what? We don't know either!

But what we do know though, is that the Ghana man is not the only one of the top five Housemates that is displaying irrational behaviour.

Just a few days ago, it was Cleo, who had a booze fuelled heart to heart with one of the House's resident fish, Tobias. "I'm depressed. Please don't judge me. I know the fools up there will judge me for breaking my glass," she told her little buddy.

Two days ago, Beverly confessed to Biggie that she hears voices in her head. "The voice in my head sounds just like me. Sometimes, it tells me to accept the negative, which I don't. Other times it's positive and makes me happy," the feisty Nigerian said.

It seems that the Housemates are starting to lose their minds a little. But hey we are not going to judge, if we had to be out of touch from the real world for so long, we would probably go a little crazy too.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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