BBA 2013 Beverly, Cleo and Melvin in the Finale

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Nigerian Chasemates Beverly and Melvin will sail to the Finale alongside Ghana's Elikem and Zambian Cleo. After HoH Elikem made his final decision to Save himself and butcher South Africa's Angelo, the four Chasemates secured a place in the Finale.

Beverly and Melvin are the last pair standing after all other countries lost one or both of their Housemates to Evictions during the course of The Chase.

This means that only one Housemate between Bimp, Dillish and Angelo will join the elite four in the road to the Finale. An intereting fact is that both Dillish and Bimp Nominated each other so as they lick each other's wounds this week, being the only ones who know for sure that they are up for Eviction, that fact will be lingering at the back of their minds.

Cleo has been up for Eviction four times and never had the opportunity to be Saved by the Head of House but was fortunate enough to be Saved by Africa on all ocassions. Elikem on the other hand has faced the Eviction dagger twice, in Week 4 and in Week 9. During the first Nominations of the Season, he was Saved by Feza and that was in their happier times, in Week 6 and 10, he Saved himself as he did the same tonight. In Week 7 and 8, Elikem was Saved by Oneal and Sulu respectively they must be kicking themselves right now.

Beverly is the only Housemate who made it to the Finale without having to face Eviction throughout the Season. This fact must be equally true in the history of Big Brother Africa. Melvin on the other hand also managed to dodge the dagger until Week 6 when he saw it fit to put himself up for possible Eviction instead of Swapping any his fellow Housemates who were Nominated at the time. Luckily for him, Africa had his back and he was back to continue with The Chase.

At the end of the day, it's anyone's game and only one in five or is it in 28, will walk away with the much coveted USD 300 000.

Allow your fingers to do the talking and ensure that your favourite Chasemate joins Elikem, Cleo, Beverly and Melvin at the high table.

Who will join the Top five on Sunday?

Angelo, Bimp and Dillish are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote here to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

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