BBA 2013: Last week Catch-Up: Bye-bye week nine

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As usual this week has been as colourful as the others but on a lower scale considering that there are now nine Chasemates still in the game.

Last Sunday we said goodbye to two of the strongest contenders on The Chase, Zambia’s Sulu International and Kenya’s Annabel. Obviously this left a bad taste in the remaining Housemates mouths but they were also thankful to be granted yet another week in Biggie’s House.

The first week without the crazy and outspoken Tanzanian, Nando, was not as bad as we’d anticipated. Yes his buddy-o-pal Bimp was the least impressed with hisDisqualification after he threatened Elikem but the rest of the gang carried on as usual, probably relieved that they no longer had to deal with Mr Cray Cray. We wonder what he could be busy with at this very moment.

Following the previous Friday where the HoH title remained between Botswana’s Onealand Ghana’s Elikem, they had to battle it out for the third time on Monday and after a close match, Elikem proved that he mightier than the intellect Oneal. Who would’ve thought?

When it came to the almighty Nominations, Ethiopia’s Bimp felt that Elikem was a two-faced manipulator who showed people his good side and continued in the background with his bad deeds. He was clearly referring to the fight Elikem and Nando had and how the Housemates then saw Nando as being in the wrong. “Nobody knows the real Elikem,” he had said to Biggie in his Nominations session.

When all was said and done in the Nominations Diary Elikem, Oneal and his woman Fezawere the weakest links, contrary to what they all believe. But of course any HoH under the knife has the chance to save and replace himself with another Housemate and Elikem did no different. He put Bimp in the line of fire instead, what else could he do? So the Nominees for the week ended up being Bimp, Oneal and Feza.

Biggie was very upset with the Housemates this week and therefore gave them a stern warning about conspiracies and alliances in the House. “This is a stern warning and reminder that conspiracy is strictly prohibited,” Big Brother said harshly. Biggie takes these kinds of things in the House pretty seriously and the repercussions are always dire. If you don’t believe it, ask Nando.

The fun of this week’s Task had Housemates very eager on producing the best comedy show Biggie has ever seen so they all decided on Wagering it all. The Chasemates all had a hand in putting the Task together and worked even harder on the Lipton Tea advert which had to be part of the entire Presentation.

When Presentation night came, they all did their thing and alas Biggie was impressed and therefore gave them the thumbs up for a job well done. As usual this was enough reason to crack open the bottles and get down to the business of fun, dance and alcoholic beverages.

Oneal and his woman Feza felt that the game had become somewhat complex and sides had to be established so they resolved to being separated from the rest of the gang. “It’s us against them or them against us,” Oneal declared during his Diary session. The battle lines were clearly not blurred here as they continued doing their own thing and isolating themselves from the rest of the Housemates. It was this particular behavior that had Angelo worried that the two alienating themselves is dangerous because the rest of the Housemates might see it as a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude which ends nowhere but in Evictions. As a result, the couple decided to be part of the happenings in the House by firstcooking for everyone, cleaning and having fun together at the Channel O Party yesterday.

The Airtel Arena Showdown challenge was a bit different last Friday as Housemates were split into the normal Red and White teams and they had to compete against each other while they had fun. They had to take part in a sack race, an egg race, a scooter race and a tyre roll but eventually the White team took the cake and victory was theirs once again.

Boss Beverly is back as this coming week’s Head of House but this time her crown comes with a few complications because she is in love this time around. Ideally when push forced a shove, she would save her country mate Melvin if and when he gets Nominated. But what happens when his boo Angelo is also under the horrifying Nominations board, who does she save then? Hhmm… We look forward to her leadership nonetheless, we’ve missed a female leader in the House. Dillish is also trying hard to be a HoH because she’s ever been one and it looks like the game will end with her being just a pretty face.

Elikem and Melvin had a bromantic session in the Rendezvous Room yesterday where they enjoyed food and a football video game they had to share after one of the joysticks failed them.

The Channel O Party was as hip as can be expected with just nine people. As much as the Chasemates had fun drinking, dancing and singing along to the sounds of DJ Vision’s beats, you could tell the party could use the likes of Sulu, Pokello and Maria who were the epitome of good times and often the life of the party. Beverly and Angelo were the star attraction of the party as they couldn’t keep their hands and lips off each other. And when they were not lip locking, they argued about the state of their current relationship but confirming that they will always have each other’s backs. We hope so too.

Today we are looking forward to seeing who Africa is voting out of the game. Who will it be?

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