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BBA 2013: Day 66 weighs heavy on relationships

Day 66 weighs heavy on relationshipsThe Chase has been on for 66 days now and Housemates are definitely feeling the strain, especially those in relationships.
Last night Beverly and Angelo had aserious discussion about their relationship outside the Big Brother House. With the end of The Chase just less than a month away, the two are starting to think of life after the game.
Another couple that are taking an introspective look at their situation isOneal and Feza. It seems the last two months in the House and them being both up for Eviction this week is taking its toll on them.
In the early hours of this morning Feza tried to get to the bottom of Oneal’s bad mood. “You don’t look ok,” she said, “what’s wrong?” At first, Oneal insisted he was ok but finally gave in an opened up to his girl.
“When you feel like even your girl is bored around you because you are working all the time, do you know how that feels?” he asked her.
Trying to reassure him, Feza said: “One, I could never be bored by you. And two, you could have taken time off to just chill with me but I do understand that you get passionate. When I said I’m bored it wasn’t about you but this whole thing.”
Meanwhile, the singles in the House were in the other room talking about the Saturday night parties. Cleo complained that Biggie had not brought in a Zimbabwean DJ to play.
“If they send one it better be Hakeem,” she says. “You’d go crazy” said Dillish laughing.
“I don’t think the party would even commence it would just be crazy, we’d go wild” said Cleo. The two girls continued giggling at the idea. “Naughty naughty,” said Dillish.
Bimp, Feza and Oneal are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote here to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

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