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BBA 2013: Oneza kiss and argue

Oneza kiss and argueIt looks like being up for possible Eviction together is bringing out both the best and the worst out of Oneal and Feza.

In the wee hours of the morning the Ruby couple stayed up late for a tender kissing session under the covers. Afterwards Feza told her man, “I hate that we are in this position. I feel like I could spend more time with you”. Aww, how sweet!

Shortly after that the twosome had a lengthy discussion as they tried to iron out the issues between them. “I wish I could get past my insecurities,” the Tanzanian lass confessed. “We don’t have to get past those things in here,” her man counselled.

The two continued to chat about their troubles and even though they spoke in hushed whispers you could still hear the urgency in their voices. They talked at length about a “he” in the House that Oneal is friends with. According to Feza, this friendship makes her question Oneal’s loyalty to her because this person has “told lies” or so she says. We wonder who this he that has Feza in a huff is.

It also looks like Oneal has not quite forgiven Feza for moving to the former Diamond House and leaving him behind in the Ruby House. “You abandoned me,” he said. The two continued to talk and Feza got increasingly frustrated that Oneal was not hearing her out and eventually she started to cry a little under the blankets. He tried to comfort her, she turned away from him and the two went to sleep.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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