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BBA 2013: Angelo explains himself

Diary: Angelo explains himselfAn emotional Angelo told Biggie in his Diary session that the fighting over the weekend and all the commotion has made him a bit unsettled. And the fact that there were three Evictions yesterday left him feeling disorientated.

When Biggie asked him why he chose the people he did for Nominations, he said he Nominated Elikem because he strongly felt that Elikem sees him as competition and he doesn’t believe in what Elikem stands for anymore because he was flaunting the fact that he is HoH in everyone’s faces. He did admit that the Ghanaian tailor has admirable leadership qualities but is very arrogant and self-centered as well.

On Feza, he said the Tanzanian beauty is underhanded, conniving and a huge gossip that makes other people uncomfortable. Elikem in his Nominations session had also Nominated Feza purely because she approached him as soon as she realized that Elikem would be the next HoH. So as much as Biggie is warning Housemates about conspiracies, some Housemates like Feza are still plotting and planning to their advantage.

Angelo ended his session with an emotional speech where he told Biggie that he’s had to work hard to get what he wanted out of life. “If I deserve to carry on with The Chase, I would deserve it on the basis that people respect who I represent as a person and not what I’ve done,” he said with tears in his eyes. Angelo has very deep values and he acknowledged that he doesn’t only represent himself but his country and African pride as well.

“If people are going to keep me in the House, I want to be a good representative of an African. I’m not going to do things to sell myself short of the person that I am,” he said in all seriousness. He strongly believes that whoever wins The Chase must be someone who represents Africa as a whole and not someone who just wins the money.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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