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BBA 2013: Bimp pours his heart out

Diary: Bimp pours his heart outAs we’ve mentioned before, we shall say it again that the Ethiopian hottie Bimp is an epitome of what society views as a nice guy, Melvin being a close second. But every nice guy can reach his limit and Bimp reached his when his friend Nando got disqualified for reasons that could have been avoided.

As he explained earlier in his Nominations session, he told Biggie that he would tell him everything about Elikem and his two-faced nature, meaning that Elikem says one thing and does the total opposite when no one is looking. “No one knows the other side to Elikem and I’ve seen it,” he said a bit irritated.

In his Diary session, Bimp told Biggie that he understood why Nando was Disqualified but felt that he should have protected him to avoid the events that led to his untimely departure. “Nando reminds me of my little brother Biggie,” he said in frustration.

Meanwhile, Bimp added that he had no problem with Elikem being HoH but was unhappy with how he changes with his position now and again. “He kept yelling at us saying we should Nominate him, I got so pissed off Biggie,” he elaborated.

“It doesn’t matter how much power you have been given, no one has the right to treat people with disrespect but clearly Elikem doesn’t care anymore. Why be nice to people when you think you’re not safe and be mean when you know you are?” Bimp queried.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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