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BBA 2013: Bimp was inconsolable after Nando got Disqualified

Bimp's heartacheBimp was inconsolable this evening after his best buddy Nando got Disqualifiedfrom The Chase.

Of all the Housemates the Ethiopian took the news of Nando’s departure the hardest. As soon as Big Brother told the Tanzanian fellow to exit the House, Bimp and Feza sat with their heads hanging low and their faces sunk in their hands, trying to process everything that just went down.

Over the past nine weeks Bimp and Nando have cultivated an impeachable Bromance. The two fellas and Dillish are part of the original Diamond Housemates that have never been swapped up until the Merger.

Nando had to leave the House directly after his Disqualification Diary session and Biggie called upon Bimp as the Head of House to pack his pal’s clothes. This request seemed to upset the Ethiopian even more as he first tried to ignore Biggie’s calls and he just lied on the bed staring at nothingness with a sad look on his face.

But eventually he heeded Big Brother’s calls; Dillish helped pack up the Tanzanian’s things and then Bimp headed into the Diary Room to hand them over.

With his BFF out of The Chase; how do you think Bimp will cope in the House?

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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