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BBA 2013: The monster called Nominations

The monster called NominationsThere has been quite a lot of chitter chatter about Nominations in the Ruby House, meaning that the Housemates are getting more worried now that there are few people to Nominate. In the beginning people Nominated whoever said the wrong thing or whoever didn’t lift up the toilet seat but these days because some Housemates are close to one another they find it hard to Nominate one another.

But when it comes to relationships likeElikem and Oneal, Elikem and Bimp or Elikem and Nando, it gets easy to make a choice because you have an instant enemy you want to eliminate. Unfortunately there is the mighty Africa who has the last word, so plans don’t usually go according to certain plans.

In the lounge tonight, the Housemates were talking about how some Housemates use Nominations as a tool to either threaten others or create alliances with unlikely people. “You always choose Housemates with the same characteristics as yourself,” Elikem said trying to explain this pandemic.

From there they discussed the mannerisms and slip-ups the Emeralds had in their week’s stay in the Ruby House. “I liked Eveva but she was too much with the sex thing,” Elikem said. Annabel said that the Emeralds said that the actual Housemates were the fake ones and not them. Beverly told the gang that Eveva always sang a song called ‘Mistaken Identity’ and Sulu remembered the song and realized that it meant that Eveva was not the person she portrayed. “Now that you mention it (Beverly) I know that song and she meant that what we saw was not what she was,” said Sulu understanding the situation.

It looks like the Emeralds will never be forgotten in the Ruby House, clearly their mission was a success.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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