Big Brother Africa 2013: Alusa offends Annabel

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A woman in tears is a sight that should never be seen but tonight Annabel shed hers because her fellow country mate and Emerald Housemate Alusa was speaking ill of her game on The Chase.

Annabel came into the lounge crying hysterically because she couldn’t believe a guy from her country would be so mean and tell her that she gets Nominated all the time because she doesn’t get along with anybody in the House. Of course these allegations weren’t true and Alusa was merely trying to derail her and cause much tension. Needless to say, his objective was achieved because Annabel was in a bad state.

What confused us was him attacking her out of the blue and obviously he knew his accusations were not true. Do you think he might have been merely doing his bit in the bid to causing havoc in the House or did he really mean all those nasty things he said to her? If all that was intentional, why did he attack a fellow country mate out of all the Housemates in the House?

Nando had rushed to comfort Annabel and helped calm her down then all her female Housemates came to console her as well. Busi barged in and told everyone that Alusa is so full of it because he also swore at her while she was trying to talk to him. Is this all an act? I’m very confused right now.

When Annabel was ready to talk, Nando and the girls escorted her to the lounge and he told her to have her say so Alusa can hear her. She started shouting and saying how stupid he was to insult her as a person from the same country, it makes them out as weak contenders and Africa can see that. After a while Alusa came to apologise but Annabel wouldn’t hear of it and instead told him that he was weak and very stupid.

Do you think Alusa’s attack on Annabel was genuine or part of his mission?

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