Tokyo young women’s thighs used as advertising space

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These days, advertisement is everywhere around us. People even have ads on their cars, fences, bags – it was just question of time, when people start to wear advertisement on their skin.
This field developed recently as a message that young women in Tokyo get paid for wearing ads on their thighs came to the media. The area on a woman’s leg between the end of her skirt and the beginning of a thigh-high stocking is called “absolute territory” in Japan and recently became very popular in there. Absolute Territory is also the name of the public relations company which decided to make a profit from this fetish and introduced their type of skin advertising.
Since November 2012 more than 13 thousands of young women have registered their legs as an advertisement billboards. Condition is that the women are over 18 and are connected to at least 20 people through social media. The women are paid one to ten thousands yen (8 to 80£) per day.
How does this work on daily basis? Each morning, the women who have previously registered their legs stop by the advertising office to pick up their stickers. They are recommended to wear short skirt and stockings to highlight the ad. During the day, they are required to post pictures as proof. They must also allow others to post pictures of themselves. By this, the advertisement will get easily spread by social websites.
"It's like a new sort of fashion, and I never found it off-putting in the least," said for The Asahi Shimbum Kaori Oe, a 22-year-old who has worn thigh ads on two occasions. "Not only men, but also young women cast glances at me."
Men look there anyway
Advertisers are always looking for new and creative ways to market their products and sex sells, everybody knows this. As men already gaze at women legs, it seems like the perfect place to advertise at.
However, "skinvertisement" started about ten years ago. Since then there are thousands of human billboards all around. There are several spots on human body which are used as live billboards either for permanent or temporary tattoos. Foreheads, forearms, hands and backs are the most popular ones.
 Joe Tamargo has 15 website tattoos all over his body. He claims he made more than $200,000 selling spots on his skin. „I actually like tattoos. I love these websites,“ said Tamargo without understanding the big hustle around his tatoos.
Karolyne Williams, sold ad space on her forehead so she could finance her child's schooling. paid her $10,000 to ink their logo above her eyebrows. She's since covered it with bangs.
Twenty year-old American Scott Fischer realized much better deal. He advertised his forehead space on eBay, the online auction web site, and sold it to SnoreStop. They paid him $37,375 US dollars to wear the advertisement on his forehead for only one month.
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