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2 killed, over 1,500 people evacuated as Typhoon Noul hits country

2 people have died and at least 1,680 people had been evacuated from risk areas in Cagayan alone after the powerful Typhoon Noul hit the north-east Philippines region.

The deceased were electrocuted on Sunday while fixing the roof of their house in Aparri town.

Authorities have however said they do not expect high casualty numbers as most people had followed evacuation orders.

The storm reportedly cut electricity supplies to many parts of the region, and also  downed trees and damaged houses.

According to BBC, the storm, with wind speeds of 220km/h is expected to move towards Taiwan and Japan on Tuesday, even as warnings of flash floods, landslides and storm surges has forced at least 2,500 people to flee their homes to find safer grounds in the provinces of Cagayan and Isabela.

Meanwhile, relief supplies were moved in to place in preparation for the storm, while flights and sea crossings were cancelled leaving more than 5,000 passengers and some 100 vessels stranded along the eastern coastline.

Noul is the strongest storm to hit the Philippines so far this year, while in 2013, 7000 people were killed when Typhoon Haiyan struck.

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