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School principal arrested after he had sex with 12,000 women

A 64-year-old school principal in Japan, Yohei Takashima, proved that he is the modern day King Solomon after it was revealed that he had sex with more than 12,000 girls and women, including his students and female staff members.

Takashima was arrested after graphic photographs of the woman he had slept with were discovered.

He was accused of having nearly 150,000 photographic souvenirs of females with whom he had sex with.

Police began investigating Takashima after he took pictures of his sex acts with a teenage girl in Manila, during a trip to the Philippines.

During investigation, the police searched his house and were surprised to find 150,000 compromising photos, involving a staggering 12,000 girls and women.

The photos were placed in about 400 different albums and during interrogation, Takashima allegedly admitted to violating laws on child prostitution and pornography.

He allegedly told police that he wanted to keep a record of the women he met for sex. About 10 percent of the women were under 18, and some were as young as 14, while the oldest was 70.

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