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The 7-year old wonder kid who “knows everything”

Kautilya Pandit is the amazing wonder kid who knows everything. You would not be exaggerating if you called him a walking encyclopedia.

The Indian boy has the capacity to absorb information ranging from geography to biology and current affairs. He also dabbles in economic statistics, politics and just about any subject you can think of.

The boy, who is from Kohand Village in Haryana, India, managed to memorize information about 213 countries, their population, GDP, source of income, currency, religion, culture and heritage. All within three months.

Kautilya, who is now a national celebrity, has been touring schools answering real time questions from kids. Most recently, he was asked about the GDP of the UK, the size of the Vatican, and more. All of which he answered with ease.

But just like other kids, he is just as confused as regards his future.

“I want to be an IAS officer… no, a scientist… an astronaut…” he said, before finally saying, “I will first study and then decide.”

Makes you remember he's human, doesn't it?

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