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Jihadists publicly behead 3 men accused of homosexuality, blasphemy

Graphic new images have emerged which shows three men accused of homosexuality and blasphemy being forced to their knees and publicly beheaded by an Islamic State executioner.

From the photographs, the blindfolded men kneeling in the centre of what appears to be a traffic roundabout with a crowd of people looking on as a masked executioner stands by with a long, rusty blade.

Then an elderly man uses a microphone to read to the crowd from his notes, the executioner then steps forward with the blade positioned above the men's heads.

Daily Mail says the captions which accompanied the photos indicate that the three men were beheaded – for engaging in homosexual acts and the third for alleged blasphemy.

There were no images released of the actual beheading.

The jihadist group, which controls swathes of Iraq and neighbouring Syria, has carried out hundreds of barbaric executions as it has imposed its brutal version of Islamic law, many of which are photographed or videotaped.

The photos were said to have been taken in Nineveh province – the first to fall to a sweeping ISIS offensive last June – but the exact location was not specified.

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