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War planes kill al Qaeda leaders

2 Syrian air strikes have killed no fewer than 13 senior leaders of al-Nusra Front, including the terror group's military commander, CNN reports.

Among those killed in the strike al Qaeda's largest affiliate in Syria was Abu Hammam al Shami. A senior Saudi operative was also among those killed.

The special operation that took place in Hobait, Idlib province, was part of a wider effort by Syrian forces to destroy areas believed to be gathering points for al-Nusra militants around the province.

Although there were initial indications that al-Nusra leader, Abu Mohammed al Jolani was wounded in one of the strikes, Syria intelligence says al Jolani was not infact injured.

The strikes took place in the towns of Salqin and Hobait, both near the city of Saraqeb in Idlib. One strike targeted a meeting of senior al-Nusra Front leaders while the other was on a home being used as a base.

The U.S-led coalition has however said its planes weren't a part of the strike.

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